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Now that summer break is upon us I am looking forward to doing some reading. I started out with the new book with Jep and Jessica Robertson. First I love watching Duck Dynasty. It is one of the few shows out there that actually show a family having fun with out being vulger. I also love how they stand up for their values. So I thought this book would be interesting to read. But it was different than I thought it would be.

The Good, The Bad, and the Grace of God is a book about some trials that Jep and Jessica Robertson went through both on their own, and as a couple. It starts with talking about their childhoods, how they grew up. Then it goes into the struggles, from Jep’s addiction to Jessica’s struggle with self worth. The beginning of each chapter has a title with who is telling the story. That way it is easy to follow.  It talks about the falls, the being lifted, most importantly- the forgiving. That is the part that stands out to me most:

“But since she is a child of God Almighty, she is forgiven…………………..She is forgiven, and her sins have been washed clean by the blood of Christ.”

To me that hit home. We all have our sins, no one is perfect- but as we become Children of God and accept him as our Savior- we are forgiven.

While reading through this I honestly felt like I was sitting in a room with them just having a conversation. I could not put it down. The way they told their side of the story was easy to follow as if they are just talking to each other. The other thing that captivated me was their struggles. I know it sounds weird but while reading it I sat there thinking how I could seriously relate. It was full of honesty and love. But it is how they over came their struggles. At one point Jessica talked about their marriage by putting it clearly “God must be the center of our marriage” and later refers to God being the glue in the relationship. I flashed back to my own at times rocky marriage and thought- yes that is true! Only once we allowed God into our home more than what we were did our marriage suffer. Her chapter on forgiveness is one of the most powerful ones in my opinion.

This book is truly an inspirational book. When reading through it I felt as if I could over come anything just like they did. You can sense their love for God above all, but their love for each other. You get a sense of hope, love and you want to have the relationship with God that they have. I highly recommend reading the book as one of your summer reads!

You can purchase your copy of The Good, The Bad, and the Grace of God from Family Christian Stores.  The book will be released June 23rd so get your pre-order in today!








~ I received an advance copy of the book in order to facilitate an honest review. The above thoughts are my own an honest opinions!~

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