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First of all- Let me start by saying that by talking about this book doesn’t mean I am having issues in my marriage. But as I have learn in the almost 12 years of being married- a couple can always grow and learn and better themselves. No one is perfect, and no marriage is perfect. So there is always room for improvement and to grow. And if you have God involved that growth will become your most amazing adventure yet.

I received a copy 7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage by Kim Kimberling, PHD to read and tell you guys about. Now comes my confession time- I had a hard time reading this. I knew I would because I am not big on self help type books. But I wanted to read this book, because well- I need to stay on top of my A game. My husbands job is a high stress job that affects the whole family. More often than not- law enforcement marriages end in divorce. I refuse to become one of those statistics. So I try to better myself in order to better our marriage. And that was one of the first things this book talked about. How we are quick to blame the other partners, or other situations, but we need to look deep with in and break our own cycles.

One of the biggest thing I took away from this book is one I have been struggling with. I saw it talked about in the book by Jep & Jessica Robertson, we have been talking about it in Bible Study. Then this book hit me- Prayer and pursuing God in everything I do. The need for prayer and turning things over to God, pursuing God above all else and learning his word. Boy do I suck at that! We should pursue God not only on our own but as a family. We need to pray together, listen to each other, but most of all listen to God.

In this book they talk about listening and communicating, fighting properly (yes you read that right), and yes even a sex talk. But I honestly have to say the first chapter is what is hitting home to me. Only because it seems to be brought up and at all directions as if it is a “Ok God, I hear ya” message. But overall I learned a lot from this book. It was still hard for me to read because again, I can not read self help type books. I have attention issues when it comes to them. But really I feel like this would be a great book to give to newlyweds or maybe a couple struggling.

This book will be released toward the end of July so you can preorder your copy on the Family Christian Store Website!


~I received a copy of the book$10 thank you coupon code in order to write an honest review about it. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions.~



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