#Project52Photos Week 27~ Patriotic

Whimsy & Hope by Sarah Halstead

I a bit behind in getting this posted again! I apologize for that. It has been a crazy weekend. First I would like to thank Sara and Angie for featuring my Haze picture from last week. This week the them that our hosts, Marvelous MommySarah, and Angie, picked was the very fitting theme of Patriotic. With 4th of July last weekend it was really easy to get something patriotic.

So I am still mastering my fireworks skills. It didn’t help that I did not have a tripod. I really need to get one by next year. So my first photos came out something like this:


I don’t know. Part of me thinks it is cool and unique. But not what I was aiming. After some adjustments on my settings and they were finally starting to turn out about as well as can be. I have a few that are a tie for my favorite:

184 200

The first one I like because while the firework itself is small, the trees in the golf course this was taken on were lit up a bit. The second I know doesn’t have color and is a bit blurry but there is just something about the sparkly.

Which one do you like best?

Feel free to link up your patriotic posts HERE.

This week’s theme is ANIMALS! So get out and catch some wildlife, your pet, or anything else you can think of!

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