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The Platte River. Full of sand and during the spring Sandhill Cranes flock for the biggest migration that is known for world wide. But there is a bunch of other things you can do. Like swimming, maybe having a picnic on one of the many sandbars. Or Tanking!

If you haven’t heard of tanking you are not alone. I have never heard of tanking until I moved out from the city. So when I was looking up things to do on our trip to North Platte, I knew tanking was something we needed to look into.

Dusty Trails was the place I found that could help us do just that. When looking at their site I found they can do horse trail rides, tanking, canoes, tubing, kayaking, and they say a zipline is coming soon. So if you are looking for adventures it sounds like contacting them is the way to go!  Since we own horses and can ride anytime we opted for the tanking this time around.


So we started at a place called Cody Park where we parked our car and was picked up by Dusty. He was really friendly and we just chatted on the drive to the starting point. We got back to their location and filled out waivers and grabbed the tank, the paddles and life jackets then drove the few minutes to the river. Now what amazed me was that it took us about 10 minutes to go from where we parked our car to where we got our gear. I will tell you why that was amazing in a bit. We were in the water and ready to go by about 9:15ish.

Now my kids have mixed feelings by this point. My go get em daughter was excited and hoping to see wildlife. But with the ruckas my non thrill seeking son was making, no wildlife could be found! Yep- my son was afraid we would either be stuck in the river, or tip over. He eventually relaxed a bit and enjoyed himself though. I did not take my good camera because I was not sure how “wet” we would get. Surprisingly we stayed pretty dry! The tank had a bench in it for us to sit on. And we just slowly floated down the Platte. It was a gorgeous floating to. The scenery was amazing and by this point I was wishing I had my camera. Although I had to help my hubby get us off of sandbars a few times, and keep us from hitting shore, or trees,  so I am not sure how often I would have been able to use it.  But trust me- it was absolutely breathtaking.

Now for the amazing part. Remember how I told you it was only like a 10 minute drive. We reached our finish point where our car was by 11:15…. Yep 2 hours to go what took us 10 to drive! But it was a beautiful 2 hours, with some upper arm work out so it was well worth it.

Again I wish I could show you all the pictures I did take with my camera phone. However, that would take up way to much space on this site and well I would love for you to see and experience it on your own! If you head to North Plate definitely book some sort of adventure with Dusty Trails!

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