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Ok you train enthusiasts. Here is something fun for you. Gold Spike Tower, home near Bailey Yard the largest rail yard in the nation. Where they service over 300 engines a day, and over 10,000 cars (about 150+ trains) come through a DAY. On our adventures in North Platte we started one morning with touring this beautiful and fun place! Now where to start with the pictures. I only have 59 of them from here! That is how beautiful the views were. But here are some of my favorites:

Golden Spike Tower


First when you walk in you are greeted by an train depot type set up. If it is your first time visiting they give you souvenir tickets that look like old train tickets, they even punch them! Also when you walk in is a fun scavenger hunt for kids. You start by watching a brief video that talks about Bailey Yard and the beginning. Then you can just look through some things from the past. Including when the war trains came through. Do any of you know what a “popcorn marriage” is? If not and you go- see if you can find the answer! You can also go out to a courtyard that has flags and state information for all the states that UP goes through. Fun fact- there are 4 other states that share the state bird as Nebraska. Can you name the other 4 that have the Western Meadowlark as its state bird?

OK on to serious now. Once you are done with the main level you can either walk- or take an elevator up to the 7th floor where the outside deck is. From there, as you can see in a few of my pictures, the views are amazing! They even have a couple of viewers that you can use to look further way. It is amazing and breath taking.

Last you finish your way to the 8th floor. There you have a 360 view of the area. That is a 360 view of beautiful country and trains for miles! There is also a gentleman up there that used to work on the trains. I could listen to his stories all day. Just his experience and and his obvious love for trains. He was able to answer questions about the yard and the trains themselves. We were also able to learn some about the Orphan Trains that came through and about the different types of trains. It was all fascinating to learn and do. He even had some binoculars for the kids to look through and some crayons and coloring sheets. They definitely make this a kid friendly and fun experience.

This place was absolutely amazing. And I wish I could show you more of our pictures! The kids were in awe over it. I can see us going there again and visiting. Especially with RailFest coming up!









~I received complimentary passes for our family to enter in exchange for writing about this attraction. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions. ~


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