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This summer with not having air conditioning we are looking for ways to stay cool and refreshed. On the plus side of that, we are all drinking a lot more water then we used to. But every now and then something with flavor is nice to enjoy as well.

One of our go to brands for the thirst quenching is Old Orchard. Founded over 25 years ago by Mark Saur in Michigan, these juices bring you the natural flavors of fruits for you to enjoy. They do not contain any artificial ingredients or msg so that is plus!

This summer I have enjoyed 2 new flavors. The Cherry Limeade (pictured above) and the Watermelon Cucumber Lemonade. The Cherry Limeade was by far the favorite in our house. We have dubbed it “lip puckering goodness”. It was tart, with the right amount of sweet. The perfect combination of cherries. You really can not go wrong with this one. We are a sucker for cherry limeades though!

Now, I would have never thought of combining watermelon, cucumbers and lemonade together. But Old Orchard did and it is a perfect pairing. This juice isn’t “lip puckering” as my kids call it but provides to you the perfect blend for a cool, crisp, refreshing drink during a hot summer day. And do not let the cucumber part fool you. My kids didn’t even know that was in there until I told them. You mostly taste the watermelon and the lemonade part. Both in equal parts so one does not over power the other.

In our house, we love Old Orchard, between their frozen concentrates to their bottled juices. They are by far the most flavorful juice we have had with out all the added extra sugars. If you have not tried these flavors yet I highly recommend doing so! You can find a store that carries them near you by using their store locator.

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~ I received the above juices in order to facilitate a reveiw. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions. ~

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