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This summer we decided to do a little bit of a staycation. You know- I have lived in the state of Nebraska all my life, but in a city of Omaha. It wasn’t until we moved out west that I realized there is so much more to do and see in Nebraska then just what is in our cities. So this summer I wanted to show you some of that and we spent a few days in North Platte.

Now you may have noticed me posting about different attractions but I wanted to let you know how I found those attractions and talk about a few other things we found to do as well. When I was trying to find something for our family this summer I came across the Visit North Platte Website. There I was able to find things to do, both free and otherwise, places to stay, and restaurants that were there. It was a big help when planning our little weekend getaway.


One of the attractions we found on there was Cody Park. This place is really a unique and fun place to visit. They have wildlife enclosures with deer, buffalo, and other animals. Like Mr. Peacock you see above. He was really showing off and came up close to our car. They also have a free depot museum where you can explore trains from the past and present and see the inside of a depot. You can also find some camp grounds, picnic areas, ball fields. One of the things we didn’t do because my kids were a bit old, was their small amusement park with a few kiddie rides, including an antique carousel.


The other thing we found to do was Cody Go-Karts. There you have the fast track (which is what our kids did with the hubby) and they have a slick track, bumper boats, a pool with water slides and mini golf. We also visited the 20th Century Veterans Memorial. That place was very memorizing. Seeing all the names in the bricks. Then at the end was this amazing wall of well sculpted pictures representing different branches and eras. The most amazing part about this wall was that it was done in brick! I couldn’t believe the detail in it.

North Platte definitely has a lot of things to do. Ranging from Antique shops, childrens museums, even a vineyard and some golf. I am glad we had the chance to go and explore. Below are the other things we did and where we stayed in case you missed them.

Really our trip to North Platte was nothing short of amazing. The views on our drive out there, the hills, the things to do. Everyone was friendly and the city was really easy to navigate. We plan on trying to make it back in the fall for their Rail Fest. It is definitely a place I recommend going and visiting.
You can learn more about the different things to do and places to stay by going to the Visit North Platte website.  I would like to thank their Visitor Bureau for hosting our family and helping make this trip fun!
~This trip was hosted by North Platte Visitor Center. They were able to work with the attractions and events in other posts to help comp the trip. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions. ~
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11 thoughts on “Visit North Platte #Roadtrip #VisitNP

  1. Jelli

    I love the idea of a staycation. It’s incredible how many fun places lurk right around the corner from where you live, and you never hear about them until you do a little googling or head to the chamber of commerce. Glad you had a great time.

  2. Marissa

    Sounds like you found a ton of interesting things to check out. We have had many great weekends just exploring the sites near us, like two hours away at most. You never know what treasures you can find so close to home



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