#Project52Photos Week 31 ~ Music!

Whimsy & Hope by Sarah Halstead
This week’s Project 52 was a fun one! I was able to take you guys out of the box for it! Thank you to our hosts Marvelous MommySarah, and Angie for picking Music as the theme!
I love music. It never fails that I have some sort of music going at some point. And in the car I am usually belting out the songs. I grew up in a musical family. I was in band and show choir. My sister was in those too but also did musicals. I could go on about all the music in our family. But with that comes a unique sense of music. I hear it every where. In the birds, the wind, the trees. Here is one other form of music I hear:

This is the center pivot across the road from us. The steady hum of it reminds me of a bass drum. the sound of the sprayers hitting the corn reminds me of those rain instruments, while the sprinkler on the end keeps the beat.  This was easy for me to choose. I was hoping to get a picture of my night music, the cicada, but I couldn’t find one. I hear them a ton though! But to better help you understand my music I also got you a little video:

That is my music. The birds, the grasshoppers moving away from me in the tall grass, the crickets and every other insect, and the center pivot keeping tempo of it all! When I hear that pivot I catch myself walking in time with it going 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 in my head. I don’t know what it is but I love just going outside sitting, reflecting, and listening.

Show us your music for the week! Link up Here!

This week’s theme is Soft!

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