Closing out Summer with @oldorchardjuice

Well Labor Day weekend officially brings summer to an end. And what a fun summer we had! We actually had our summer end a few weeks ago but to me it is not officially over until the pool closes and our State Fair is over and that first Husker game comes on!

And all of the above has happened! So we did some celebrating! And I am sorry, I slacked and did not get very good pictures but I wanted to tell you about some amazing drinks we made.

I have talked to you about Old Orchard back in July when we had some of their new juices for my sons birthday party. I love this company because they are constantly introducing new and amazing products that are full of flavor! Well they did it again with their adult mixers.

So what better way to celebrate the start of school, the end of our all back to school testing than with a Strawberry Daiquiri right? I love strawberry Daiquiri’s. Thank again I am a foo foo drink person as the Popo calls it. But I am totally ok with that! These mixers are really easy to make. They directions are right on the can. Just add some ice, some liquor, and the can of juice and blend! Simple as that! Now confession time- You can make these virgin by mixing in water instead of the alcohol and that is what I did. It still tasted great though!

Now if strawberry is not your forte, no worries! They also have Margarita mixers or my other personal favorite, Pina Colada! I was really bummed my Walmart was SOLD OUT of the Pina Colada. Yep Sold Out! I keep going back and checking but every time I am there they are still SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe one of these days I will get to try them!

So, if you have some celebrating to do be sure to check out the Old Orchard Mixers. Now here is my shameless popo plug- if you do try them- please don’t drink and drive!

You can find these mixers at your local Walmart!


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