My “Y” ~ An Intro to #Younique


So I have been kind of MIA lately. We have been dealing with some personal battles. But I have already talked to you about my self worth. So I thought I would share what I am doing to help that.

FIrst of all prayer, and lots of it. But I am starting to take better care of myself.I want to start an exercise routine that I can do at home. But I also started doing my make up more to. I know beauty is with in. However, I just actually “feel” better when I wear make up. But now I am being picky. I am only wearing Younique make up. And I have fallen in love with it. I love how it is long lasting, doesn’t make me break out. Gives me great coverage for my uneven skin tone. I could go on. But I wont.

Instead I will tell you my “Y”. Why did I take my love for this brand, and start selling it? Well it is simple. They uplift, and empower women. That is what drew me to the business. I knew I needed to do something to work from home. I do not make money during the summer and I am tired of watching my husband work 60+ hours a week and never seeing his kids just for us to make it. I want to be able to do a little extra for my kids and I would love to finish remodeling our house. But I didn’t want to just sell anything. So how does make up uplift and empower women. Well let me tell you about the Younique Foundation.

Now this is something completely different. This is a foundation that helps empower women who were sexually abused as a minor. Now my secret- while I wasn’t sexually abused as a minor I was physically abused. Not by parents, but by my boyfriend. I was just 17. I was a Junior in high school. And I was mentally, and physically torn apart. He would never leave bruises. But the slamming up against the wall, the being tossed onto the floor. A knife held to me when I tried to leave, is nothing no one should go through. I swore I would stand up against ANY kind of abuse from that moment on. The feeling of questioning self worth, did I deserve it, the broken is something no onshould ever go through. Younique Foundation provides retreats for women of sexual abuse to go, connect, and heal. You can learn more about the Foundation by visiting them on facebook and seeing stories who have been empowered by the foundation.

unnamedNow the make up is just as wonderful as the foundation. The very first picture you saw is me with my make up completely done using all new products. But I wanted to feature one of my favorites- the 3D Mascara! I love this stuff! It does not smudge, it does not run when you sleep or cry or jog. It gives you amazing lashes with out having fake ones! So right above is me. One eye has our 3D mascara and one eye does not! It is so easy to apply. Gel, Fiber, Gel. That is it! You get 2 tubes and one has amazing gel that conditions your lashes, the other has these amazing fibers that fill them in and help them look longer! It is amazing. Just like all their products are! The foundation, the mineral pigments, the new lipsticks. I could go on but I will save some of it for a later post!


I also want to tell you about an opportunity we have. We do virtual parties where I show tips and some tricks for doing your make up. Your party can also earn you some 1/2 price or even free make up! You can book a party by contacting me through my site. They normally run for 10 days. I would love to set one up for you! I have a goal of meeting the next level of presenter by the end of the month and need your help for it! So contact me today and we can get one started!

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