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This is not an easy post for me to write. I have been trying to figure out the words to do this post with. Last summer I struggled with the death of Det. Orozco but it inspired me to write about my blue family when I was suppose to write about my family (you can view that post HERE ). It was hard. It was my home town. I watched my husband struggle as a sister was taken to soon.

Then Elizabeth, Mike and Sloan from Humanizing the Badge put together a beautiful tribute to Det. Orozco and other officers. Dear Officer brought back so may emotions, so many tears. There is a picture right of the bat of a gentleman who removed his hard hat and knelt as the procession for Det. Orozco went by. An image that stuck in my mind from the day of her funeral. The honor, the respect. The tears came again.  The book is a series of letters, to officers, to the families, to the rookie spouse. All full of love and emotions, and images that just hit you. Yes, I cried some more while reading this book.

Humanizing the Badge has a way of doing that though. They show the personal side of law enforcement. They show that they are human, they have families and that we are one big blue family. Between the encouragement from Elizabeth, a spouse, the humor and insights from Mike the Cop, you are bound to find something that makes you feel you are not alone.

After the tragedy in Dallas, I found myself reading this book again. As a spouse it gives encouragement that we are a part of a family. We are in this together. I wish I could put into words my actually thoughts and emotions as eloquently as some of these other LEOW’s. I just highly recommend getting the book, even if you are not a Law Enforcement family. Read it. Read it with your kids even (there is a letter to an Officers Children in it). And know- you are not alone- you are a part of an amazing bond that knows no boundaries.

You can get Dear Officer from the Humanizing the Badge website. I also recommend following them on Facebook.


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