Summer Road Trip 2016! @southdakota



I am a bit behind but we are road trippin this summer! We are heading to South Dakota for a few days!

I am really excited for this trip. We will be staying at a KOA camp site, Palmer Gulch, on our first night. Then we will be having fun with a boy scout camp, Medicine Mountain. The last night we will just stay at the boy scout camp while we do some touring!

While there we plan on visiting Mt. Rushmore, Reptile Gardens, Crazy Horse Rock and a few other places!

UPDATE: We are adding Custer State Park to our list! I can not wait to see all the wild life there! Little Miss is a bit weird- she is more excited for the tunnels!

I can’t wait to show you our adventure this summer! Be sure to follow me on Facebook to see our adventure!

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