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Wow! What a crazy July! My son’s birthday, baseball tournaments, and our annual family adventure. This year it took us up to mountains. Ok to me they are mountains compared to the mass flatness of corn that we have hear. But either way you look at it- South Dakota is a beautiful state to visit. This year we visited the southwest corner of their state. And God, could I go back there in a heart beat!

Our first stop we made was more like a drive through. The Badlands. A place were you can see the perfect formations caused by weathering and erosion. God’s beautiful handi work all around. But sorry- man was it hot!  Ok enough of that.

The Badlands is a National Park. And since Little Man was in 4th grade we had one of those Kids in Every Park passes that allowed us to drive through at no cost. And oh was it worth it. Now comes the hard part- Figuring what pictures to show you!


So I will start with this one! One of the first places you come to is an overlook. And you can walk right up to the edge. It goes down further than the picture looks! Yeah my 3 adventurers went as close to the edge as possible. Me- having an immense fear of heights- stayed back and captured this photo of my Loves.

IMG_3316 IMG_3324 IMG_3331 IMG_3338

Absolutely stunning. Through out the drive you will come to look outs that you can walk along and go explore. These three decided to go WAY out there. There was a path that was marked with numbers. There were even some “boardwalk” type walkways. And of course I hesitated. See around here I am used to deer crossing- here I got a “Beware, rattlesnake” sign… Yeah no thank you! But thankfully we did not come across any!

The loop down and around takes you through miles of beautiful sites and twists and turns. We didn’t see any wild life there. But once we got to the visitor center we noticed our daughter was as red as her shirt AND the thermostat in the truck read 106! So if you do go and get out- make sure to drink plenty of water and wear plenty of sunscreen!

IMG_3370 IMG_3375

Towards the end you eventually get some beautiful green hilly areas. It was absolutely gorgeous. So if you are taking I90 across the state be sure to add- eh I don’t know- 45 minutes, to your drive time. The views are breathtaking and worth it!







~ I did not receive compensation for this part of my trip. The above thoughts are my own and honest opinions. The pictures above were taken by myself and may not be used with out permission, especially the ones with my family in them.~

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17 thoughts on “Deep in the BadLands @southdakota

  1. Elizabeth O.

    It’s always nice to spend some time with the family by going to a place you haven’t been to before! This is definitely worth the travel! I love how beautiful the sights are!

  2. Jamela P

    This looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love nature and this looks like somewhere even my kids would enjoy.


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