Let the Chaos Begin!

The All-Inclusive Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa

The All-Inclusive Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa

Yep. There. That is right there is where I want to be. I would be in the pool though (I have a fear of open water). School has started and so has the chaos. So escaping to a place like that would be heavenly right about now.

So it has been a while since I have done a random post. My kids started a new school this month. We were having way to many issues at their other school so we had to transfer them. They are loving it though. They have made new friends and have told us they are glad for the change. But with school- comes scouts, piano lessons, and then some. Let the games BEGIN!

Also with that change in school came a change of jobs for me. I sadly had to resign as the special education para. It was really hard for me to do. I cried! But I will have the opportunity to sub for them so I wont miss out completely. Instead I am going to focus on blogging and my Dove Chocolate Discoveries business and my photography! I already have a fun Gift Guide lined up for you for the holidays so I am excited for that.

Now onto me. I know I have posted about my battles with Self Worth. Well it is still a battle, just not as bad of one. But I am determined. See my business (Dove) is offering an all inclusive trip to Jamaica. In fact, to the resort that is pictured above. AND If I sell enough I can take my hubby along with me! The trip falls during his 40th birthday so that would be a great birthday trip for him! But I must battle one of my causes of self worth- Weight. I am over weight and it has caused me to have hypertension. I need to fix that. I am tired of feeling tired, headaches and of taking medicine. So my goal is to not only sale enough by the end of the trip earning period but to lose weight by then to. 60-70lbs to be exact. That is a hard goal for me. I am motivated but at the same time I am not. I have a weakness for soda but do not buy it as often as I used to now that I stay home. So I am asking you- my readers to keep me motivated and on task! If you have a weight loss program I would love to hear about it. I would love to do Beach Body but cant afford it- so if any of you know their marketing director let me know! I will also be posting my healthy recipes (or attempting to be healthy recipes). I will post my work out status and just over all where I am at and how I am feeling. It is time to quit feeling sorry for myself and start doing something about it. Time to start taking better care of myself.

To get me started I would LOVE to hear from you. What is your favorite healthy recipe? Or your favorite work out? Our just any tip you have for me! (If I could hire a personal trainer I totally would!)

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20 thoughts on “Let the Chaos Begin!

  1. Stacey Loring

    I’ve lost a bunch of weight over the years. I was always skinny until I had my boys 30 years ago and struggled with taking the weight off. 2 things worked for me. Lifting weights and Atkins. Neither one is really for everyone. I’ve just started packing on weight and out in 20lbs since last year. It’s really scaring me because I worked so hard to lose it and now I’m getting that midlife buldge. With that said there are lots of ways you can start to take and keep the weight off. 1. Don’t tell your friends you’re on a diet because they will sabotage you. 2. Please consult your dr. Before starting any type of diet. I do think weight watchers is the most balanced diet, but regardless what you do, do it FOR YOURSELF and no one else. It’s actually one of the hardest things you can do. Whether your fat or skinny, you are an amazing person and don’t forget that. Good luck on the contest and I have my fingers crossed you will both challenges.

  2. Tami

    Beachbody has some great workouts. I just don’t do their nutritional shakes because of the taste. I have Chalean Extreme and hope to start using it in the next few weeks.

  3. Echo

    My kids started a new school this year too! It is total chaos right now! My favorite healthy thing is to replace carbs with cottage cheese. I love cottage cheese.

  4. Elizabeth O.

    That trip is timely! It’s just what you need and it’s going to be awesome. I hope you find a workout that you’ll like and that you’ll enjoy as well. For me, it will always be yoga and jogging, both help my mind and body relax, it eases the stress as well!

  5. Mags

    I’m the last person who should be giving diet tips, I’ve put on almost 25lbs in the last 2 years, but maybe knowing you have a gorgeous pool in Jamaica waiting for you will help!

  6. Christina Aliperti

    Meal planning is a lifesaver for my health, time and money. That’s the best thing I could tell you to do, try meal planning.

  7. Karlaroundtheworld | Karla

    School changing’s always a tough one but I’m glad your kids were fine, everyone deserves a nice new home. Don’t go for a personal trainer, go for a friend who’s eager to go with the same changes as you. It’s fun and motivating to do activities together!


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