Holiday Parties with LuLaRoe #2016HolidayGiftGuide

This year when you are looking for your Christmas Party outfit start with  LuLaRoe! What is LuLaRoe? Why it is clothing! Your own personal stylist that can come to your door and help you find some really cute clothes with really unique prints!

Ok- So this post- I was going to take pictures of me in the items I was sent but you know me- I am self conscience and hate being in pictures. But I received a really cute skirt, some leggings and a cute and comfortable shirt. And I love them all! The shirt is actually one of my favorites to wear when I am hanging out at home. Comfortable- then the leggings… Oh my goodness- see I am a bit overweight so I would have never thought of wearing them. but they are too comfy not to wear! Each stylist has their own inventory of one of a kind prints and styles.

The other thing I like about it is that you can dress it up and dress it down and have several outfits with 1 item. Take these two for example:

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You can be dressed for work, for shopping or for that holiday party!  I absolutely love things that you can change up and make a small wardrobe look big! They also have some really cute things for kids!

Now these particular LuLaRoe outfits and the items I received are courteous of Kimberly. 27 year old SAHM and entrepreneur. She is from Boulder CO and is married to her high school sweet heart with 2 kiddos! Now why did she choose LuLaRoe- well I was going to try to explain it but her words are better ” I chose LuLaRoe because of the amazing company and support system. At a time where I felt I was losing myself after being a stay at home mom for 5 years I needed a way to help find myself again. LuLaRoe has ignited a fire in me that seemed to have been gone for a long time. ”

Kimberly in her family all dressed in LuLaRoe clothing!

Kimberly in her family all dressed in LuLaRoe clothing!

I think we can all relate to that! Wondering what we can do to help out our families while still being there for them. It is companies like LuLaRoe that make that happen for people! So this Holiday season check out what Kimberly has to offer by joining her facebook group.

She will be having a Black Friday deal with free shipping so please join in on her group so you do not miss out on those. Also if you are in the Boulder CO area and want to get some girl friends together Kimberly can bring her inventory to you for some fun, clothes, and shopping! The first 5 ladies from Boulder and surrounding areas who schedule an in home party will not only get the usual host incentives of 1 free item for every 10 items solds, plus % off for any item in between PLUS a free pair of leggings, and 1 item of your choice!! JOIN HERE to book your party!!!







~I received some items from Kimberly to review- no other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~ 

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