Lighting the Holiday with Scentsy #2016HolidayGiftGuide


I am a sucker for candles, or something like candles. I love making my house smell pretty while lighting it up. And thanks to Scentsy I can do that now with out worrying about a flame and my kids.

Scentsy is a company that I am recommending this holiday. They have things for the home and for the kids that are just absolutely amazing! One of my favorite things of course are the warmers. I have about 5+ of them! My latest one is the above. You can change out the outside. Right now I have the Christmas themed one but I also have a grapevine one:


Isn’t it pretty! I honestly can’t remember what scent I have in it right now. But my house smells like I am constantly baking and I love it! It makes your home just feel welcoming to guests. The other thing I use when guest are coming is Scentsy Fresh- (think something like fabreeze only better). I have their Order Out- my husky likes to lay on the couch so I spray it down real quick and spray down her actual bed and the wet dog smell is instantly gone. Oh and if you are like me with a popo under the roof- Yeah- it works on that stinky vest as well!


Now if you are having guest over this year put one of the Scentsy night lights in your bathroom. You put one of their melts in and turn it on- your bathroom will smell good the whole time they are there. I was surprised at how much light it gives off as well!



Now for the kids- I recommend their buddies! They are cute little stuffed animals that you can get a scent pack for and zip it into the back of the buddy. My kids each have a few and we keep the Jammy Time scent pack in it. The scent is calming and helps my night owls fall asleep a little easier. They also have their Buddy Clips like Mollie the Monkey and Stella the Unicorn (pictured above). They are really cute mini buddies that can be clipped onto a back pack or a diaper bag. The smell lasts a really long time!

So this Holiday Season be sure to check out Scentsy. They have some really cute holiday themed warmers and buddies! I have a nice list going for myself! Also be sure to join Linda’s Scentsy Family facebook group! She has some amazing deals posted on there!





~ I received products in order to facilitate a review and no other form of compensation was exchanged. The above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

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