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Wow what a crazy winter and year! So sorry I have been MIA we have just had a lot going on! It has been almost a year since my daughter’s unexpected surgery and she is doing great. Little Miss is truly a trooper and bounced back quickly. We are still under the care of a GI- we had her on a regular diet for testing and she had NO reactions to the regular foods. The GI believes she either a- never had a gluten sensitivity and was misdiagnosed or she out grew it. Either way with Celiac running in our family we are still watching our gluten intake but are not strictly guten free any more.

As to the rest of us- Little Man (I think I need a new nickname for him) is doing good. He recently crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts so on to a next chapter for that. The Popo has switched days off so the kids get to see him a bit more. And well me- I am now 100% stay at home mom. I have had some medical issues but are slowly working through those. The biggest thing is my blood pressure and needing to lose weight. So be on the look out for some healthier meals and recipes.  But also for some that use CHOCOLATE!  Yes I am with (formerly Dove Chocolate Discoveries) The Cocoa Exchange and am loving it. It has been a huge blessing to our family during this transition.

Well that is about all! Stay tuned as we work out some summer activities, recipes, father’s day gifts, mother’s days gifts and so much more as I get back into blogging!

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