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So I have mentioned on of the things keeping busy is my new business with The Cocoa Exchange. I haven’t really talked much about this but felt I needed to share with you. It is possible to make some extra money while doing what you love if cooking is your passion like it is mine.

I considered the many amazing companies out there and I still order from them. But I had to find something that wasn’t in my small little section of the world. That was when I was introduced to Dove Chocolate Discoveries- instant love- I started selling a little over a year ago and have grown so much and had amazing opportunities and I was so close to earning a trip to Jamaica in my first year! That is something to be proud of.

March 1st I had another amazing opportunity. To grow with the business as a whole and become a Founding Curator for The Cocoa Exchange. Dove rebranded and relaunched with a new name, new look, but the same amazing quality and products.

facts4Why The Cocoa Exchange. Well first off- we are owned by Mars (think M&M’s and Snickers). They are known for the sustainability, eco friendly, and they give back to the Cocoa Farmers through their CARE program. They also wanted to show the healthy side of the superfruit the Cocoa Pod and Bean! They give an amazing incentive program and their bonus incentives are above anything I have ever seen from a company. When they relaunched they didn’t leave us hanging, we were able to earn free business cards, free logo wear, free catalogs, free new products. They really do spoil us with all the goodies they offer us!

Then there is the training- every day you can find some sort of training video- videos on running a facebook party, videos on recruiting, even videos where you can talk with our Chef’s and learn more about the products. Then there is the graphics, the team support, the recipe blog. Oh yeah- I said it a site full of recipes featuring our products so you are never left wondering how you would use something like White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard or Chocolate Chipolte Hot Sauce!

PB_200B_SidesAndSalads PB_2001B_TacoTuesdaySet PB_2002B_BackyardBBQSet PB_2003B_FlavorFusionSet

Just look at all the possibilities! Now I know what you are saying “all that sugar”. I have to tell you- I compared our BBQ Sauces to Kraft and there is actually the same amount (and a few of them less) sugar in ours! So I get to cook amazing and unique meals and make some money while at it! What could possibly be better?!?!?

I am looking to build my team- I would love to show you the ways of chocolate and help you grow your own business. I often have “Scholarships” available to help make starting your business affordable. So if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me! I would love to help you out!

Please visit to check out our products. If you want a peak at the recipes our chefs create you can find them at   Stay tuned as I share my own personal creations! And don’t forget to follow me on my social media (to the right) to stay up to date on new recipes and products!







~I am a Founding Curator for The Cocoa Exchange. The only compensation I receive is from my sales. The links in this post will redirect to my business page where I will only get paid by any purchases made.~ 

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