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Photo taken by me near a river.


Now more then ever our blog name is really fitting! Sweet Country Chaos! lol

So I have been looking for part time work to no avail (hard to find part time work when you are in middle of towns that are less than 1000 people. So the Popo is working 2 more jobs to help us out. What does that mean to me? Time to crack down on my work from home prospects! As mentioned I am with The Cocoa Exchange and I am ready to take that to the next level!

I will be sharing some recipes on here and some products. But I also want to get back to why I wanted to blog- to share our chaos! After all with the Popo gone literally 6 days a week (sometimes 7) I have me myself and I to talk to! That means now starting to talk to you more!

Little Miss has also been keeping me on my toes. Her stomach pains decided to make a return but not as severe as last time. So off to a GI doctor we go in a couple of weeks along with an ultrasound and blood work before we go. She is oh so happy with me!

Soon school will be out for the summer and that means some adventure posts for you guys! I can not wait to share some of our favorite adventures.  I am also thinking about getting back to my weekly menu planning. I loved hearing your thoughts on meals and ideas. Back to the basic and why I loved to write!

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