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We are getting into fall, back to school, soon Christmas… Where is this year going? Yikes! Now that I stay at home full time with the kids again I have been working on building a business of my own. I have mentioned The Cocoa Exchange in the past. I am mentioning it again because I am looking to start building a team. But not just for myself- to pass on the blessing that has been given to me.

I know, I know- I have heard it all. It is a pyramid scheme, it is a scam, ect. First- No it isn’t a pyramid scheme. They way the compensation program works out is EVERYONE no matter what level they are at starts out at 25 % commissions each month. Then there is the personal sales- for example- I have to get at least $600 in sales myself in order to get the small bonus commission from my team sales AND my team sales have to be a certain amount. So it isn’t like I can just sit back and make money off of the others working. I have to put in the leg work just as much as everyone else, so does my upline.  Now the scam part- I don’t know what I can say to change that mentality other than I do actually get commissions, I do actually get bonus gifts from the company and I rarely have to put money into it. I have even gotten my catalogs for free and my business cards 🙂  See here is where they are able to do that:

The Cocoa Exchange is owned and operated by The Mars Corp. You know snickers, m&m’s, uncle bens, ect. The Mars Corporation wants to help families, they want to help give people a chance at a bonus income so in 2007 they came up with their own Direct Sales line and we have been growing since. Through this they offer a line of cooking sauces, spices and so much more. Our products are unique and full of flavor.

If you couldn’t tell I love this company and this business. So with that said- I am looking for someone who will have the passion to grow with me. To help me create the team of all teams. Not only will you get one on one training and support from me, but from my upline who are the top 2 sales people of the company! If you are interested please check out MY WEBSITE and then fill out the form below or the form on my site!

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