Back to the Basics #MealPlanning


We are getting back to the basic. Now that I stay home again I am trying to prepare healthier meals and stay on more of a budget. So for awhile I was trying a monthly meal plan- yeah that didnt go so well. Food got wasted and we often had way to many leftovers.  My budget was busted because I would still make weekly trips to the store for milk which resulted in extras being bought because something would sound better then what was on the menu. So I went back to a weekly meal plan.

So far- I am coming in under budget and I am sticking to my menus more and I do not have as many left overs! So here is our meal plan for this week.

Yesterday (Monday)- we had an oldie but goodie- Creamy Italian Chicken 

Tuesday- Sausage and Potatoes

Wednesday- Potsticker Bowls (I found the recipe on pinterest from Iowa Girl Eats)

Thursday- Left Overs

Friday- Trout (fresh trout- hubs went fishing and brought some home- will use butter, garlic, and other seasonings)

Saturday- Little Smokies

Sunday- My son has Court of Honor for scouts so it is a pot luck dinner


I have hypertension and was just put on a second medication so time to crack down. Gotta find some good heart healthy meals and start on an exercise routine.

What is your favorite healthy dinner?


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