#Fundraising Overload!

I often wonder if life will ever slow down. I feel like I am constantly running every where. Joys of mommy hood and this is why I work my own business. But now this month a new challange:

What is it about October that says FUNDRAISING MONTH?

I mean really- Boy Scouts are selling popcorn. My son brought his stuff home and says he wants to sell $5600 I told him to come up with a realistic goal because we live in a small farming community and have a lot of scouts to compete against. He goest “Fine $4600″…. I admire his dreams and will encourage him to hit that goal. But going door to door, on top of meetings, my daughters tumbling and ballet, school. It is just a lot! To top that off he is also selling Pizza Cards for Casey Pizza’s and Jerky.  All for Boy Scouts to help him pay for the many camps and merit badge universities they go to.

Then my daughter- she is selling Christmas greens for a project called CmPS- Community Problem Solvers. They raise money to do things for the community- like helped pay for new playground equipment at the school, bought the public library new books, sent money to communities that were hit with natural disasters. But again- gotta find time to go door to door.

But I also know this community is being hit with another school’s band selling greens, another organization doing meat, cheese, and fruit sales, girl scouts doing nuts & candy. So why do all these organizations hit all at once?

Anyone else feel the finacial stress of fundraising?  If not want to buy popcorn from my son who wants to hit $4600 in sales? 😂

(in case you do want to support boy scouts you can order at https://www.trails-end.com/scout/QNV7YUGL )

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