This weeks Chaos! #mealplanning

Another busy week but I am on week 3 of just doing a weekly meal plan instead of planning for the whole month. I am already $200 below what I usually spend on groceries. Seriously our schedules change so much and it is so crazy that I have to use a white board for a calander. Just when I think I have the month figured out at the beginning things get added, or removed, husbands shifts changes. It definitely keeps me on my toes.

This week is no different. We JUST found out what times we have to be at parent teacher conferences on Thursday. We have our usual tumbling and ballet, scouts on saturday I have a vendor show on saturday. Just crazy schedules! So this week I went more towards easy and hope there is some health value to it!

Today: Hawaiian Chicken- a recipe I found on pinterest that uses chicken breast, bbq sauce, pineapples and provolone cheese. Not sure what I am serving with it yet though.

Tuesday: Brown Sugar Garlic Pork Chop. Another Pinterest find. But it is a 1 sheet pan recipe- put your porkchops, potatoes and carrots on a cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes. Love recipes like this!

Wednesday: Swedish Meatballs. This is a recipe that came through my newsfeed from Buzz Feed. My kids love this one!

Thursday: Left over day. Parent teacher conferences and ballet make for a long evening!

Friday: Honey Mustard Chicken Strips. This one is suppose to be a healthy alternative. It uses pecans and panko for the crust. I found it on pinterest and it sounded good!

Saturday- is a scout found raiser so it will be just my daughter in so left overs again.

Sunday- our church is doing a chili cookoff so I am making my chili and we will probably eat whatever is left over (if there is some).

Again I am finding that by doing week by week I am saving money, not dumping out as much food, and not buying as many extras!

What is on your menu this week?

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