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The past few weeks I have been sharing my meal plans with you and I am really excited to be adding to those meal plans. For those that are new let me tell you about my motivation.  I have hypertension. I am over weight and I struggle. I struggle a lot. I let my self esteem get in the way, I let food get in the way. Oddly I am not a stress eater- or a bored eater. I just eat the wrong things. Soda, and lots of carbs and sugars. Now here I am 5’3″ and weighing in at 196lbs. This is unacceptable. But I need help- I need motivation and I believe I found that with Platejoy.

So what is this Platejoy? Well we have all seen these wonderful subscription boxes that send you fresh foods to encourage you to cook healthy. Foods shipped straight to your doors. Well- Platejoy is like that- except- you do the grocery shopping. Which I like, honestly I spend about $100 a week on meals for my family of 4- that is for 6 meals! So with Platejoy I get healthy recipes, a shopping list, and I stay with in my budget. But- it is so much more than that!

You start of with a questionnaire. It asks how many people are in your family- then asks about you and the others- Simple questions too- since I am trying to lose weight it had me put in the basic info like my age- my weight, my goal weight, my activity level. Then asked about the Popo, and since he isn’t trying to lose weight it just simply asked what portion size he would like- Then the kids, just simply their name and portion sizes (child size or regular). Then it gets into the details. It asks about dietary needs (low carb, paleo, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, ect) asks about how often you eat meat, if you are eating kosher, or if you are eating for a pregnancy how many carbs do you want t stay under.  It will even let you pick foods you want to avoid (like for me I can’t stand mushrooms, lamb is not an option around here, and I do not do tofu), and if you prefer seasonal only fruits and veggies or if it matters. They ask your milk preference (even has the dairy free alternatives listed!), what type of rice you like… They really get into detail to personalize YOUR meal plan!

Next step is going through your meal queue. They give you a list of recipes you can choose to remove them from your queue if it is something you do not like. They have meals for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, even Snack/Desserts! There were some I choose to remove, like ones with goat cheese and beans. Green beans I can handle but like lima beans, pinto beans, I just can’t do those honestly. I must admit going through this made me hungry!

Then came the menu! It first asked me some simple questions- Asked if I wanted Breakfast and how many breakfast meals, same for Lunch and Dinner.

Since I am just starting I went with Dinner and snacks/desserts only and I only went with 2 of each. The meals look AMAZING! A Lemon Garlic Chicken with rice and spinach, grilled beef kabobs with chimichurri and a roll for dinners, and fresh mango and a pineapple with lime and mint for the snacks/desserts. I can not wait to try these next week!  Especially the pineapple with lime and mint. That is a combonation I would have never thought of but can’t wait to try!

Now Platejoy could easily just leave it there- you make your own list and go shopping. But they want to make that part easy on you as well.

Yep! They create a grocery list for you! They break it down by produce, meat, breads, ect. But before they generate the list they pop up a list of “pantry” items that you will need for those meals, like oil and vinegar, garlic, what fruits and veggies you may need. the canned goods you will need. You go through and mark if you need that item or have it. That way if it is something you have they wont add it to your list! No more looking at a recipe and thinking ok I need 1 1/2 cup broth so that is 2 cans. They tell you exactly what you need:

I love this! I now have encouragement to get my family on a path of eating healthy. I love that there are meals for me that cater to MY needs. Don’t get me wrong I love going through pinterest but it is hard to know what to look for! This helps a TON! It allows me to try new things but I can still add my quick go to meals to the mix each week.

I am excited that I will be partnering with Platejoy for the next 6 months. During this time I will post my weekly meal plans still and will share posts about my thoughts on that week’s menu. I can not wait to try my first few recipes out next week!

Be sure to check out Platejoy on their facebook and twitter pages! If you want to check this out for yourself you can get $20 off using this link:








~I received a 6 month subscription to Platejoy in exchange for sharing my experience with them. The above thoughts are my own and honest opinions! ~ 

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18 thoughts on “Meal Planning with @PlateJoy

  1. amer

    Good for you for trying to be healthier. It’s not easy giving up soda and sugar. I myself is addicted to sugar, but you’re right, it’s not fueling our body right. Keep up the good work!

  2. Josselyn Radillo

    It’s not easy giving up soda and sugar. I myself is addicted to sugar but i’m trying to leave this guilty pleasure and as for soda I’m proud to say that i’m not addicted to it anynore

  3. Heather

    I need to be better about meal planning. This sounds like it’s so easy to use to get yourself organized. No more wasting money and food!

  4. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like a great food company and a great way to start eating healthier for the whole family. I love you can choose the portion sizes for everyone in the family and choose your own meal queue. Thanks for sharing the information and your experience.

  5. Blair villanueva

    Thanks for sharing us your weightloss journey and your meal planning. It is truly mitivating and encouraging. Let’s promote healthy lifestyle!

  6. Candy Rachelle

    I think this is a great idea to have a meal planning. I will definitely try this one it will inspire me to cook a delightful and healthier food for my family. Love seeing how you personalized your meal planned.

  7. Jennifer Grenier

    I have not used this before but perhaps I should start. I always say how much I need to start meal planning.


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