Our Chaos of 2016 and 2017

Another year has come and gone. It honestly has been a very over whelming year and a hard year. This year and quiet honestly the past few years, it seems like no matter how hard we try we just keep sinking.

Ok so this post is going to start out sad- because I need to talk. I need to get it out. My husband and I are struggling. I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like because I am trying to stay above water and am constantly running my kids around everywhere since hubs works 3 jobs. We were finally pulling ahead, we got in so much debt during 2010 when my husband was unemployeed for the whole year like many other electricitions and trade jobs. We did what we needed to but now are paying for it. We were finally getting ahead, then 2016 happened. It started in March with the nightmare of my daughter having intussusception (you can read about that HERE). That was hard- to sum it up- my, then 9 year old, had a section of her colon removed during an emergency surgery. It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. Right as those medical bills starting coming in Sept/October, our boiler in our old farm house decided it was done and quit. Now keep in mind, we bought this house knowing it was a fixer upper. We knew the heating needed updated and it has no AC so we knew that would need done. But we were not expecting the larger expenses to occur until we got some of the smaller things done. WRONG. $5K that we had to come up with (on top of the the $2K for medical bills) to at least get heat on our main level. Yes, I said on the main level. Our second floor does not have heat yet- we use small little heaters in each room so have grown used to multiple blankets and 65 degrees warmth. We still do not have AC. Our house is a full 3 stories so we have to zone- we have to put insulation in because it does not have ANY so we got the main level down to help keep some of our new heat in. All things we did not expect so soon. Fast forward to December- 2 ER trips were done. One was comical- husband was stashing Christmas gifts and lost his balance and landed on some Lego’s- Carefuly they not only hurt to step on but can cut you bad enough for stitches. Oh yeah- the ER nurses had a GREAT laugh over that. Then Christmas Eve came- ER trip for me at 2am- thought appendicitis turned out inflammation so possible viral or Chrons. Either way I stayed in the hospital but got to go home around lunch time Christmas Day (found out a month or so later it was a new medication they put me on for my blood pressure). You guessed it more medical bills.

So as you can see we just couldn’t catch a break- and sadly it carried over into 2017. Daughter’s pain came back so we had to go to see a specialist- she had strep throat so much we had to see an ENT. In June her tonsils came out. Since then there have been cars breaking down, more things going wrong in the house that we really can’t afford to fix, and we just can’t get ahead on the bills and the debt. I was hoping to go back to school to get my degree but I do not want any more loans. Hoping I can find something for that. And a question often asked- Why don’t you just go get a job? Well- if you can find me a place that is not an hour away from the town my kids go to school in, that will be flexible with the unpredictablitiy of an LEO who goes in at 4pm most days (but could suddenly need to go in early if something goes wrong on his cruiser or an accidnet ect) then let me know. But in the mean time- the blessings:

My daughter has not had strep throat since the surgery so her health is finally looking up. My son was blessed with a gift of joining a Robotics team and is growing in that and his grades. My daughter is taking ballet and tumbling, two things she has always wanted to do and thanks to my little side hussle is able to. I am running my own business and it is doing fairly well- we do not have a lot of community support (another post for another time) so I do what I can online. Hubs is working 2 other jobs (so a total of 3) so that has helped some and we made the last payments on our car and truck. And on top of that he still makes time to attend music programs, dance recitles, baseball games, scout functions, teach Citizenship merit badge classes to other scouts, take scouts camping and then some. Now if only we can get the other debt down and some how finish up this massive house project! I am a giveaway junkie so I have been entering in as many home make over type giveaways as I can. I even found some on Ellen’s show (even one about paying off debt which I swolled my pride and entered and had to tell some about us). We just need a break- things need to quit happening. I feel like I am falling down a never ending rabbit hole.

Sorry I know this is a super negative post- but I always want to be real with my readers. I am human, we have our problems too. I know we will get through them, how I don’t know but I am trying my hardest to be positive. I need to be for my kids sake.  So here is to a better 2018- here is to finally getting ahead so we can do things like finish our house, take our kids to Disney and Yellowstone, and me go back to school. Here is to a healthier 2018 as well!


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