Hello New Year!

Can I just say I find it very fitting that the first day of the year is falling on the first day of the week! Something about Monday’s. Most people dread them I see them as an opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the week. And since this one is the 1st day of the year I am going to use it to set the town for my year!

A few friends of mine on Facebook posted- this is the 1st day of a 365 page book. Someone took it a step further and said this is the first of 365 pages of chapter 28 in her life. For me it would be chapter 36. But they all followed it with something positive and encouraging and hopeful. And they are right. I know my last post was a little gloomy. I figure I can either dwell on the gloom or rise above it and move ahead. So I was thinking of doing a 365 series. This will be hard I have zero accountability unless some other bloggers want to link up. But my goal is to blog each day this year. Maybe describe my day in a picture (I love photography and this would help keep me behind the lens), but ultimate I want to be 100% real with you guys. My goal is to be honest about my day (why sugar coat it, we may be bloggers but we are not perfect super moms) and make sure I find at least 1 blessing out of that day to share with you!

Now we all like to come up with New Years Resolutions. Why stress our selfs. Yes we should always be giving ourselves goals. But be realistic about them! I mean how many years do we say we are going to lose weight?!?!

So my goals for this year

  1. Promote to Sr. Team Leader or even Manager in my business with The Cocoa Exchange.
  2. Be healthier- I have already started this process so really it is just growing it and staying on track
  3. Pay off at least 1 credit card. If I can pay off more great! But I want to focus on one!
  4. Suck it up and quit being afraid- Go back to school! I have never obtained my degree. I changed it several times- but I found an associates degree that fits what I already do- Media Arts. It will teach me webpage design, graphic design and help me improve my photography skills.

And that is it! Sure there are a ton of other things, like losing weight, that I hope to work on. But those are short term goals. One thing I have learned is you should always have 2 sets of goals. The BIG PICTURE goals then the short term goals that could help you achieve the BIG PICTURE. My ones above are my BIG PICTURE. My short term will change base on where I am at. For example this month my short term is to get back on track with my sales (If I don’t have the sales I can’t promote) and to figure out an exercise routine that works for our crazy. That is it- short and simple.

So let me know if you would like to join me on this 365 Journey. I would love to hear what Long Term goals you have (remember be realistic!).

See you tomorrow!

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