The 365 Journey ~ Day 5-8

Oh my goodness this weekend was CRAZY! I did not blog at all. Seriously this was suppose to help me stay on track!

So this weekend was my daughter’s birthday. Friday we celebrated by taking her to dinner at a pizza place, we then went to see Star Wars. OMG that is a good movie! It leaves it open for another one! It makes me wonder why the sudden push of movies for them over the past several years. Like the original 3 came out then nothing for YEARS and all of a sudden we are filling in the gaps. Don’t get me wrong I love it! My kids love it! Anyway- we get home and my daughter opened her few presents- she got a telescope and some astronomy books. Now if only the clouds will clear out!

Saturday the Popo and I had a Christmas party with other LEO’s that is always an entertaining time. We have another one this weekend which is usually more fun because it is for the LEO’s in his office vs the whole area so less people and people we see more often. Then yesterday it was your typical relax, go to church sunday. Which reminds me- My church has asked me to start doing graphics for them. YIKES! I make my own for here and my business but for some reason making them for church is a bit more intimidating. I hope they like what I came up with:

I went with simple for this one- I ended up raising up the title a bit before sending it to them. But I had to make 4 different sizes (for slides and advertising). I think it just seems intimidating because these people actually know me lol.

Today I am struggling though. We have so much work to do and such little funding to do it with. I would give anything to get our house completed. It also doesn’t help that I am getting sick again. This week is a busy week I can’t afford to get sick! Oh and husband and I have agreed on a routine-so hopefully that will help get me motivated and going on my work outs and everything.

OK so a little business plug today- I have a chance of earning this really cool utility tote and spring catalogs-

I still need to sell $414 more by Monday! If ya’ll can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Share my business, tell others about the amazing HEALTHY side of chocolate. We even offer COFFEE!!! Love the coffee it is one of my favorite products. any way- I would appreciate any sharing you guys can do! ( YOU CAN ORDER HERE)

So that is all I have today- I am working on a menu so if you have any recipes ideas holler! Other wise have a great day!

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