The 365 Journey~ Day 2 & 3


Well I am already on a roll aren’t I! Only the 3rd of January and I skipped a day. But that is ok- Life happens. Yesterday was one of those days!

So the rest of the 1st after I posted was pretty uneventful. The kids and I just hung out all nice and warm. Since I didn’t do any grocery shopping yet we cheated and braved the cold long enough to get Subway. I did manage to create a menu for this week:

Last night we had a Cheesy Lemon Angel Hair Pasta ( a recipe I found from Delish)- I recommed using less lemons, and if you use the cheese amounts they say then up the broth amount otherwise you will not get a creamy sauce like they show (trust me mine didn’t turn out so pretty but still tasted good)

Tonight will be Enchiladas (using some of my Cocoa Exchange enchilada sauce I stocked up on before the fall catalog came out)

Thursday Night will be Chili

Friday we are going out to eat for my daughter’s birthday

Saturday is left overs

Sunday is a Honey Lemon Chicken with pasta – A recipe from PlateJoy

With my daughter’s birthday this week and school starting back up meal planning was kind of goofy.

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. I got my grocery shopping done and my kids did some shopping of their own with gift cards they had gotten for Christmas/my daughter’s birthday. Now I know why I do my shopping when they are in school! I ended up with a few extras in my cart- but that is ok- my daughter can buy pomegranite seeds and strawberries any day!  We ended up having lunch at Taco Bell then enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home. Well that is until one of my horses decided she was to good for the warmth of our barn and knocked fencing down to go for a walk. At least it was just one and not all 3!

So as you can see life has been pretty uneventful. My blessings for the past few days- The time with my kids, relaxing days since tomorrow chaos ensues with the start of school, ballet and jazz band, and the warmth of our house!


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