The 365 Journey~ Day 4

The sound of silence is upon me as the kids went back to school this morning. This mama was excited and ready for routine and structure again. The popo’s job gives us enough chaos and unpredictability the school year provides us with a bit of planning and structure.

Then my alarm went off.  Oh how it was nice sleeping in. Oh well guess it is time to get up and adult.

Yesterday I spent the day trying to get back into a working routine. My business took a hit and I really need to get back on track. I really do not want the popo to work 3 jobs so I am trying to make my Cocoa Exchange business a success. I also sent out a few pitches for possible reviews and I hope they work out- you guys would love them if they do!

I did make it out this morning to get some pictures though. The frost was so beautiful. It is amazing how something so bitter and cold can cause such beauty in nature!  These are just a few of what I got. One of my horses was intrigured by the camera. I should have taken my macro lens out to get even closer to the frost. it was so amazing how it was sticking up almost like a bunch of fairy wings

I just love taking pictures of nature. Even in single digits and below there is something peaceful about being out there. It is times like these I don’t mind living in the country!

How is your 365 Journey going?

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