The 365 Journey ~ Day 9 & 10

Warning- today is a day I am struggling. Maybe it is the blah weather. I am frustrated at our house, at our finances. I just can’t help but to think enough already! What I would give to have a house that we can invite people over and not have plumbing and wires and insulation showing through the ceilings and walls! What walls we do have are an ugly green color from us stripping off a gazillion layers of wall paper, with a ton of white painted here and there from the dry wall mud from us trying to seal up the cracks and the holes (plaster walls gotta love them). I look at our house and think:


We totally knew this was a fixer upper. But to the extent that it is. sheesh. I swear the people who owned it before us just did band aid fixes. It is a never ending cycle. We have a rare find- a house built in the early 1900’s with 7 bedrooms. We still have original woodwork. Normally houses from this era are a- not this big and b- gutted by now. I bet it was stunning in its glory youth. I hope we can get it there at some point, and hopefully sooner than later.

On the plus side yesterday and today have been (will be) gorgeous! 50’s is a good temp! It gave the kids a chance to be outside and get some fresh air. I also finally got my menu planning done. Tonight’s meal- Chili! We are suppose to go from 56 today to single digits by tomorrow morning. It is going to drop fast so I thought it was fitting. Tomorrow will be left overs since Thursdays are our crazy day. Friday will be a lasagna made in a slow cooker. Saturday is my son’s first robotics competition so we will be gone all day.

My business is slowly starting to pick up. I am looking for some people to host a Cooking with Cocoa event this month. This is where I introduce The Cocoa Exchange to you and your friends, share the health benefits of cocoa, and recipes. So if you are interested in one let me know! We have double host rewards this month so it is a great time to get even more free products!

How is your 365 Journey going?

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