Becoming a Pirate

Ok first- disclosure – this purely a joke. I actually hardly drink. But lately I have been saying I am going to become a Pirate. When someone asks why I say because it sounds better than an alcoholic.  Yep- today is going to be one of those posts.

Like everyone else across the world we have been stuck at home. Well sorta. With husband being an LEO and me managing a restuarant we are both considered essential. My kids on the other hand. Well (turn sound on):


No that is not a possessed demon, well not exactly. Just kidding it isn’t. It 14 year old Little Man (really need a new nick name for him) studying his science. When you take a kid who is in drama, a respectful class clown, and a massive people person and put them into a month long if not longer lock down- it starts to get- shall we say interesting?  There is never a dull moment with him at this point. He has even admitted that even though he hates school he realizes it kept him sane.  His shenanigans range from climbing on the couches and shooting nerf guns at us as if he is in some massive battle to just playing annoying songs while dancing to them to well, sounding possessed while studying. He is struggling with this. I feel for him- but he is going to turn me into a pirate

In the mean time. Little Miss, going forward being known as Miss Sassy. Is now 13 and everything is our fault and spends a lot of time in her room. She has always been quiet and content doing her own thing. This really isn’t anything new for her. But when we ask her to join us for a family movie or a bonfire she goes “we are suppose to be social distancing”.. Insert my eye rolls here…. Yep- she to is going to turn me into a pirate with her sass. Which is why now on this page I will call her Miss Sassy.

But this has also made our family do things that we usually don’t have time to. To assure our kids don’t get complete cabin fever and totally lose it-we have been taking them to a secluded lake and going fishing. My daughter still gets her social distancing- my son gets his energy out by walking we all get fresh air. Its a win win! Especially when Miss Sassy catches her first Bass 

Now as for myself and my own sanity. Luckily I can still work . But since my hours are cut I have been doing this blog again, I have been focusing on doTERRA and Cocoa Exchange. I even go up to bed early and spend some time reading a book. But most importantly I have been reading a devotional for police families and a few chapters out of the bible first thing in the morning. Taking those few moments in the morning to reflect and grow has lifted huge weights off my shoulders this past week- as you could tell from my other 2 posts. It helps me to pause and reflect. Like today reading about Ahab and Jehoshaphat. Ahab refused to listen because it wasn’t what he wanted to hear even though Jehosaphat warned him. Bad happened to him- Good happened to Jehosaphat. This whole week I have been reading about lifting up problems to God. So I have been using every morning to do exactly that- But also thanking Him for the many blessings this week. And since things like turning to the Lord seems to be the repeating scriptures and messages that keep shouting at me I am going to take the que and do exactly that!

“The Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.”  Proverbs 3:26

Lord- Keep me from becoming a Pirate!

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