Some #MondayMotivation

It is so much easier to focus on the “I can’ts” than it is to focus on the “I can”. Why is that? See for me it is easier to say- well my business is failing because I have zero support from friends and family. And honestly, while that is partially true it isn’t completely true. That is where stepping out of the comfort zone will comeinto play like I talked about the other day. I just have to focus on the big picture instead of what is holding me back. Because if I continue to dwell on the lack of support locally than I will never grow.

This week I plan on focusing on some goals. Little weekly goals to hopefully help me achieve the big picture goal. Would I love for either of my businesses to help me substain my family and pay the bills? OF COURSE! Why else would I be doing this? But I will never get there if I don’t rethink my process and keep dwelling in negativity.

So this weeks goals:

  1. post at least once a day about The Cocoa Exchange AND doTERRA on my page and personal page and twitter.
  2. Try to get at least 1 order on each site
  3. do at least 2 more blog posts
  4. Start an exercise routine (because you know we need at least one non business goal in our life)
  5. Be more active in my VIP group! (so feel free to join it!)

I challange each of you to come up with 5 measurable small goals to come up with this week. Don’t let the bad hold you down. Ignore the “I can’t” and lets focus on the “I can” together!

Feel free to leave your goals here but also write them down so you can be reminded of them each day!


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