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So- during this time at home I have chosen to work at my business a bit more. While The Cocoa Exchange is my baby, I do want to start sharing some healthier tips and doTERRA is my go to oil so I will hit on that from time to time. But the biggest struggle of running an in home business is building an audience.

It doesn’t matter if it is an etsy shop, an eBay shop, a direct sales company, a service you provide, or even a brick and morter establishment. Getting your products seen is a struggle when you are up against the algoritim gods of facebook.  Let’s face it- you can easily have 10K followers and not even have your post seen by HALF of them.  That is where I am at. Because I stopped focusing on my page and the personal connection I now have a reach of 200. Time to change that.

So here are my thoughts-

Content: Is your content relevent to your brand, what you are aiming for in a business. Your motto so to speak.  For example- if you are posting content that is lets say an adult level content and you are aiming to reach families- you may want to rethink it. Is your content real or are you being robotic. No one wants a robot- they want to know there is a human behind the keyboard.  For example- My Cocoa Exchange business and this blog has always been about food and DIY/family-type stuff- So I am going to do posts about what’s for dinner- what type of coffee you like- how are your kids- well you get the drift. I am not however going to post things totally irrelevent like video game advice. Catch my drift?  So make sure your content is relevent to your brand and who you want to reach.

Interact: It is always  good to interact with the people comment on your page and having posts that you can interact with. Encourage people to give you a heart or post a gif- anything other than a simple like- while likes are good it is the comments that help your page get seen- and if people see others interacting with you and you giving sincere replies back then they will be more apt to follow and interact with you themselves.

If you are selling a product or service- yes you do want to post about that- and deals- but you don’t want all your posts to be a “Hey buy my stuff” type post. No one likes a pushy salesman. In fact- that mentality drove me away from Direct Sales originally. Be a human- find out the wants and the needs. It is ok to do a post that doesn’t mention a product or anything- If you sell make up-Take a selfie and say “loving the make up today” or even a simple “Feeling pretty”. If you sell food post dinner and say “Hamburger and pasta salad for dinner tonight” Trust me- people will ask what you used and then you can bring it up – but don’t automatically hit them with private messages and links.

Which brings me to my next topic- FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING STOP WITH THE UNSOLICITED PRIVATE MESSAGES. That is the next cold calling telemarketing that we all hate. Don’t do it – it is tacky- and it makes me not want to buy from you. I have legit had friend who had someone go through her friend list and message her friends. The worse part- THEY SOLD FOR THE SAME COMPANY! Double tacky there! If I comment -wow that’s a cool whatever- Thank me and ASK if I would like more information. Don’t just PM me and go into an all about sales pitch with out introducing yourself or getting to know. Cold Calling Telemarketing, we all hate it- don’t do it on FB!

Now if you are in not in any business of your own did you know you can still support your friends and family WITH OUT spending money. Seriously- while sales are great – you never know who can benefit from what ever your friend or family member has to offer. So comment on their posts to help them be seen or share them! It doesn’t take much but any visibility will help more than you know!

I know there is so much more but I would love to hear from you! What tips do you have about marketing your own business?

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