Setting Goals

Today we are going to discuss a bit about my business, my why and my goals. I feel actually putting things out there is the best way to hold myself accountable. And trust me I need something to keep me on track.

So Why did I start Direct Sales? Well because I found a company I believe in. They products are unique, it isn’t saturated (our FB group of reps is only around 700 people) and they actually support their reps. Seriously- they have so many training videos and opportunities. And not to mention they spoil us. The biggest thing is- their pay plan is different than any I have seen. First- in order to get paid at the title you are- you must have a certain amount of sales YOURSELF. Which means you can not depend on just your team. But also- EVERYONE- from reps to managers start at zero at the beginning of every month. I like how that makes up lines actually work instead of sitting back depending on their team. So to get their extra commission a person must have a certain amount for themselves then a certain amount for their team total. I haven’t seen a plan like that so I appreciated it and love it.

My other why is because- I am trying to suppliment income. It was going good for awhile- I was bringing in an extra $300 which for focusing on this part time isn’t bad. But I did let it fall- but I want to get back to that extra play money- and honestly- I am on track to be debt free (except for my house) before my kids graduate school. I want to shorten that and be debt free even sooner and this will hopefully help me with that. I would love to go back to school and finish my degree in marketing but I don’t see that being financially possible- so hopefully this will help. I lost sight of my dream and now time to build it up again.

So my goals this month:

  1. Post more personal looks into our chaos- and more recipes- and continue being more real on here.
  2. Continue posting more relevent content on my social media and content that gains interaction
  3. Business related goal- get at least 1 sale a day- if I average $20 a sale for 31 days that would be $620 worth of sales- I would love to be back at $1500 in sales a month but gotta start somewhere.
  4. Post at least 1 blessing a day to keep a positive mindset through this all!

So now that we are in a new month. What are your goals?

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