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My name is Kandi and I am a mother of 2 wonderful kids. Bubba (real name not used) is a very energetic almost 12 year old. While Miss Sassy Pants is a quiet and reserved (at times) 10 year old. The Popo (hubby) and I have been together for almost 15 years and married for almost 14. We met doing a hobby we both love, Civil War reenacting. We try to get out to a reenactment with our kids once in awhile, but The Popo’s job limits our time.  We have 3 horses so we also enjoy horse back riding. The last member of our family is our dog, a Siberian husky, with lots of energy to keep the kids busy!

I was a Special Education Para Educator at my kids school. A job like that was so rewarding in more then one way. I was off when my kids are off but I was given the opportunity to work with some wonderful kids and help them learn anything from Math to Social Studies. I am also taking photography lessons in hopes of opening up my own portrait studio one day. Photograph has been a love of mine since I was a little kid. Now I stay home and work on that photography skill and sell chocolate through The Cocoa Exchange. The Popo hasn’t been a brother in blue for long, prior he was an electrician. So between adjusting to the LE life, boy scouts, piano lessons,  baseball, horses and soon dance classes/cheerleading our life tends to be organized chaos.

While this blog has a bunch of gluten free recipes and I still champion for TRUE medical reasonings for eating Gluten Free we are no longer strictly gluten free. Under the guidence of a GI doctor due to an emergency surgery because of a benign mass in March of 2016 we have come to find that my daughter either outgrew her allergy (which can happen with food allergies) or never had one (which is also possible because she was never tested and it appears my doctor was on the gluten free band wagon. However with Celiac running in the family on both my mom side and my biological dad’s stay we still watch what we eat. Which means my recipe formats on here have not changed. I have always made recipes that were normal recipes and I would add recommendation for the GF brands to make it safe for you. The only thing that has changed with that is I will no longer offer a GF suggestion for things like noodles and breads. You will still find recipes that are naturally gluten free and some that are not. Please take the recipes for face value as only you know what you can and can not use.


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    1. Kandi Post author

      Thank you! It was such a relief to figure out our problem. It has made me eat healthier all the way around. I do not eat as many carbs, or processed foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

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