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Hello New Year!

Can I just say I find it very fitting that the first day of the year is falling on the first day of the week! Something about Monday’s. Most people dread them I see them as an opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the week. And since this one is the 1st day of the year I am going to use it to set the town for my year!

A few friends of mine on Facebook posted- this is the 1st day of a 365 page book. Someone took it a step further and said this is the first of 365 pages of chapter 28 in her life. For me it would be chapter 36. But they all followed it with something positive and encouraging and hopeful. And they are right. I know my last post was a little gloomy. I figure I can either dwell on the gloom or rise above it and move ahead. So I was thinking of doing a 365 series. This will be hard I have zero accountability unless some other bloggers want to link up. But my goal is to blog each day this year. Maybe describe my day in a picture (I love photography and this would help keep me behind the lens), but ultimate I want to be 100% real with you guys. My goal is to be honest about my day (why sugar coat it, we may be bloggers but we are not perfect super moms) and make sure I find at least 1 blessing out of that day to share with you!

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Our Chaos of 2016 and 2017

Another year has come and gone. It honestly has been a very over whelming year and a hard year. This year and quiet honestly the past few years, it seems like no matter how hard we try we just keep sinking.

Ok so this post is going to start out sad- because I need to talk. I need to get it out. My husband and I are struggling. I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like because I am trying to stay above water and am constantly running my kids around everywhere since hubs works 3 jobs. We were finally pulling ahead, we got in so much debt during 2010 when my husband was unemployeed for the whole year like many other electricitions and trade jobs. We did what we needed to but now are paying for it. We were finally getting ahead, then 2016 happened. It started in March with the nightmare of my daughter having intussusception (you can read about that HERE). That was hard- to sum it up- my, then 9 year old, had a section of her colon removed during an emergency surgery. It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. Right as those medical bills starting coming in Sept/October, our boiler in our old farm house decided it was done and quit. Now keep in mind, we bought this house knowing it was a fixer upper. We knew the heating needed updated and it has no AC so we knew that would need done. But we were not expecting the larger expenses to occur until we got some of the smaller things done. WRONG. $5K that we had to come up with (on top of the the $2K for medical bills) to at least get heat on our main level. Yes, I said on the main level. Our second floor does not have heat yet- we use small little heaters in each room so have grown used to multiple blankets and 65 degrees warmth. We still do not have AC. Our house is a full 3 stories so we have to zone- we have to put insulation in because it does not have ANY so we got the main level down to help keep some of our new heat in. All things we did not expect so soon. Fast forward to December- 2 ER trips were done. One was comical- husband was stashing Christmas gifts and lost his balance and landed on some Lego’s- Carefuly they not only hurt to step on but can cut you bad enough for stitches. Oh yeah- the ER nurses had a GREAT laugh over that. Then Christmas Eve came- ER trip for me at 2am- thought appendicitis turned out inflammation so possible viral or Chrons. Either way I stayed in the hospital but got to go home around lunch time Christmas Day (found out a month or so later it was a new medication they put me on for my blood pressure). You guessed it more medical bills.

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Meal Plan for 11/6-11/12

Wow time is flying! This weeks meal plan was a little different because hubs is home from his main job for the week (he has 2 side hustles he does to help clear out medical bills). So I am having to cook for all 4 of us instead of the 3 of us this week.

I am also partnering with PlateJoy and their services. If you missed my review you can read it HERE.

Here is this weeks Menu:

Today (monday) Hashbrown and Ham casserole (recipe to come later this week!)

Tuesday  Chicken Stir Fry

Wednesday  Grilled Beef kababs with Chimichurri and a roll (courtesy PlateJoy)

Thursday  will be leftovers since this is our biggest activity day

Friday   Hubs and I are going out to eat at Texas Roadhouse so kids will have leftovers again

Saturday   Lemon Garlic Chicken with Rice and Spinach  (Courtesy PlateJoy)

Sunday   Ham and Cheese loaf


Now for breakfast- I am not a big breakfast eater- but I am wanting to get a decent blender to make smoothies with, maybe do some more oatmeal. Right now I have an english muffin from time to time. Lunch is usually left overs or a sandwich. But now I am going to include snacks. And this week Platejoy suggested mangos (I am substituting strawberries) and pineapple with mint and lime. So hopefully I wont be tempted to snack on my usual chips and dip.

What are you enjoying this week?









~This posts contains links to PlateJoy where you can save $20 if you sign up. I do not get any compensation for sign ups. I am receiving a 6 month subscription in exchange for blogging about my experience and the meals. No other compensation is exchanged. ~ 

Meal Planning with @PlateJoy

The past few weeks I have been sharing my meal plans with you and I am really excited to be adding to those meal plans. For those that are new let me tell you about my motivation.  I have hypertension. I am over weight and I struggle. I struggle a lot. I let my self esteem get in the way, I let food get in the way. Oddly I am not a stress eater- or a bored eater. I just eat the wrong things. Soda, and lots of carbs and sugars. Now here I am 5’3″ and weighing in at 196lbs. This is unacceptable. But I need help- I need motivation and I believe I found that with Platejoy.

So what is this Platejoy? Well we have all seen these wonderful subscription boxes that send you fresh foods to encourage you to cook healthy. Foods shipped straight to your doors. Well- Platejoy is like that- except- you do the grocery shopping. Which I like, honestly I spend about $100 a week on meals for my family of 4- that is for 6 meals! So with Platejoy I get healthy recipes, a shopping list, and I stay with in my budget. But- it is so much more than that!

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This weeks Chaos! #mealplanning

Another busy week but I am on week 3 of just doing a weekly meal plan instead of planning for the whole month. I am already $200 below what I usually spend on groceries. Seriously our schedules change so much and it is so crazy that I have to use a white board for a calander. Just when I think I have the month figured out at the beginning things get added, or removed, husbands shifts changes. It definitely keeps me on my toes.

This week is no different. We JUST found out what times we have to be at parent teacher conferences on Thursday. We have our usual tumbling and ballet, scouts on saturday I have a vendor show on saturday. Just crazy schedules! So this week I went more towards easy and hope there is some health value to it!

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Back to the Basics #MealPlanning


We are getting back to the basic. Now that I stay home again I am trying to prepare healthier meals and stay on more of a budget. So for awhile I was trying a monthly meal plan- yeah that didnt go so well. Food got wasted and we often had way to many leftovers.  My budget was busted because I would still make weekly trips to the store for milk which resulted in extras being bought because something would sound better then what was on the menu. So I went back to a weekly meal plan.

So far- I am coming in under budget and I am sticking to my menus more and I do not have as many left overs! So here is our meal plan for this week.

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#Fundraising Overload!

I often wonder if life will ever slow down. I feel like I am constantly running every where. Joys of mommy hood and this is why I work my own business. But now this month a new challange:

What is it about October that says FUNDRAISING MONTH?

I mean really- Boy Scouts are selling popcorn. My son brought his stuff home and says he wants to sell $5600 I told him to come up with a realistic goal because we live in a small farming community and have a lot of scouts to compete against. He goest “Fine $4600″…. I admire his dreams and will encourage him to hit that goal. But going door to door, on top of meetings, my daughters tumbling and ballet, school. It is just a lot! To top that off he is also selling Pizza Cards for Casey Pizza’s and Jerky.  All for Boy Scouts to help him pay for the many camps and merit badge universities they go to.

Then my daughter- she is selling Christmas greens for a project called CmPS- Community Problem Solvers. They raise money to do things for the community- like helped pay for new playground equipment at the school, bought the public library new books, sent money to communities that were hit with natural disasters. But again- gotta find time to go door to door.

But I also know this community is being hit with another school’s band selling greens, another organization doing meat, cheese, and fruit sales, girl scouts doing nuts & candy. So why do all these organizations hit all at once?

Anyone else feel the finacial stress of fundraising?  If not want to buy popcorn from my son who wants to hit $4600 in sales? 😂

(in case you do want to support boy scouts you can order at )

Where to go from here

Hey everyone! It has been a long while I know. I am trying to get into a routine and get back on track with life in general.

The past few weeks have been full of scouts, tumbling, and ballet. Which means our meals have been slacking in the health department. But I rally have got to crack down on that.

So here is my problem. I do good, I cook healthy meals through out the month but some are lacking. I go a week of working out then just lose it. I lose motivation, I lose momentum. I get frustrated. However, I can’t! I weigh 196 lbs and am 5’3 this isn’t good for my health, or my blood pressure. But yeat no matter what I do or try I just fall short of staying on top of things.

I need something to help me stay accountable. Something that keeps me going and don’t let me give into that breaking point where I just stop. I don’t know maybe I just need to be hypnotized to be a fitness guru mindset person.  Is that even possible?

So what do you do when you lack motivation, confidence, and drive? How do fight through it and stick with it? Do you use any apps, meal plans, work out facilities?

One Pan Salmon and Broccoli #recipe

We love salmon in our house and I am always looking for good healthy ways to cook it. First my disclaimer- I am not a culinary person- I don’t think I could actually create a flavor on my own. I tend to combine a bunch of recipes into what works for me and my family. And as you can see my pictures are not “professional” – they are that of an every day mom trying to keep up with her kids.

My meals often reflect that as well when it comes to ease of making. Our salmon is no different- the easier the better. I have said it before and will say it again- just because it is quick doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy!

Ok enough chit chat- this recipe was actually inspired by a bunch of Maple Dijon recipes and a recipe I found in Kraft Food & Family magazine. Some of the recipes uses more maple syrup, some use a whole ground mustard, some a dijon, most is just the fish being cooked in foil. Kraft gave me the idea of cooking a vegetable with it. So with out further talk here is my collaberation of recipes:

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Announcing our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

If you are a company looking to promote for this holiday season I can help you in 3 different ways:

Sponsored Post: This will be a basic blog write up about your company and what we have to offer. There will be no follow links directing people to your site and social media.  Cost $30

Product Review: Send me a product you would like to feature and I will review it. The review will link back to your site and social (no follow links) and will have original photos of the product. The product sent must be an unused FULL SIZE product (no samples) to qualify for the review.

Product Review and Giveaway: Same as the product review (product for review must be sent to me). Except at the end of the post will be a giveaway form. Giveaway entries would include following you on social media, browsing your site, and sharing the post. You will be responsible for shipping the prize to the winner. I will not send the review product to the winner (who wants a used item as a prize anyway?), and I will not accept the second product to mail out. I will provide you with a winner name and mailing address only for the shipment of the prize to the winner.

Any post accepted to our gift guide will be promoted on social media during the Holiday Gift Guide period during the month of November. All Giveaways will end before December 1st so that winner can receive prize before Christmas. The post will also be linked to on our Holiday Gift Guide tab which stays up for the year.

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