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Where to go from here

Hey everyone! It has been a long while I know. I am trying to get into a routine and get back on track with life in general.

The past few weeks have been full of scouts, tumbling, and ballet. Which means our meals have been slacking in the health department. But I rally have got to crack down on that.

So here is my problem. I do good, I cook healthy meals through out the month but some are lacking. I go a week of working out then just lose it. I lose motivation, I lose momentum. I get frustrated. However, I can’t! I weigh 196 lbs and am 5’3 this isn’t good for my health, or my blood pressure. But yeat no matter what I do or try I just fall short of staying on top of things.

I need something to help me stay accountable. Something that keeps me going and don’t let me give into that breaking point where I just stop. I don’t know maybe I just need to be hypnotized to be a fitness guru mindset person. Β Is that even possible?

So what do you do when you lack motivation, confidence, and drive? How do fight through it and stick with it? Do you use any apps, meal plans, work out facilities?

A New Me- Week 10

This will be the last post in the series that I have been doing. Sad to say I never did break past the 145lb mark. I was hoping to get to 130 but there is no way (unless I starve myself) I can loose 15lbs in 1 week. But I am ok with that. I can continue trying and well– I am still going to buy myself a new outfit! I have lost 30lbs since the last time I bought new clothes. I do not want my clothes hanging off of me at the graduation ceremony next week. πŸ™‚

I can’t believe there is only a week and a half left until I am done with this chapter of our new adventure! It definitly has been a roller coaster but well worth it. For those just joining in my husband has been training for a career in law enforcement. He is out of town training all week long making it just the kids and I. Now we get to relocate to a new area of our state. We finally found a house to rent!!! I am now able to relax… a little! I have already called the schools (new and old) to start the process of changing schools over. My son has his ups and downs about it but I know he will be fine. His main concern is he is afraid none of our extended family will be able to find him πŸ™  If you have any tips on making this easier on the kiddos I would appreciate them!

We had a fun week last week. My son and I saw a play (you should read about it in my Midweek Ramblings post- it was rather odd), we played outside a lot. Dodged some severe storms and tried some new recipes. My son also decided that he was ready to be a big boy (he even point out to me that he is “not a child, he is 6 years old!”) and try to ride his bike with out training wheels. At the end of that attempt he decided since Daddy was going to be gone and couldnt help him (mommy isnt good enough I guess lol) he was going to put his training wheels back on. They grow up way to fast!

I thank you for letting me use you guys as a sounding board during my ups and down. This has taught me to be more positive, trust in God, and that I can do anything if (God forbid) something were to happen. I can not wait to start a new chapter in our lives in a new town. I can’t wait to see what adventures my husband jobs bring.

A New Me- Week 9

This past week was spring break for my son. I had a ton of fun with him! Although I did not lose nor gain any weight this week. We went on some walks and played at the park once. Did some packing and some house cleaning! We painted some bird houses and watched some movies. One movie we watched was “We Bought a Zoo”. My kids love that movie and my daughter is asking to rent it again. Although now she thinks we need to find a house that has a zoo on it lol.

I thing I realized this week is something I must apologize to you guys for. I have been really negative lately and for that I am sorry. I try to focus on the good of every bad. Nothing drives me more insane then a person who takes something good and only talks about the bad of it (trust me I know a few who can find even 1 tiny bad thing no matter how good their day was!). I have realized that I have in a sense become one of those people and for that I am sorry. I have been stressed and frustrated lately. I have had people throw things in my face as if saying “haha I am better then you”, I have had extremely unwanted lectures making me feel like both a bad wife and mother, and feeling discouraged that in 2.5 weeks we are suppose to move and still have no house.

Through all of that I should of been focusing on the good and the positive. I need to not let people who do not know me and who do not know the whole story (let alone who pull the same crud they are accusing me of doing) get to me. I stopped turning things over to God and I know that. I know what I need to do I just need the strength and patience to do it. As my son even told me “sometimes you just need to stop and have fun outside” lol.

Misty trying to get me to chase her πŸ™‚

That said- my promise to you guys is to be more positive! I am surrounded by negative nellies and I need to overcome that! My goals are to have lots of fun with my kids and to turn things over to God. Oh, and to find a house!

How did your week go? Do you have any new goals for this week?

A New Me- Week 8

This week was a wonderful week! I took my stress and put it towards packing and cleaning instead of towards eating! But I need to work out more. Healthy eating alone will not get me to my goal and I am still at 146 with 3 weeks left to go!

I know this is something I can do. I plan on going on lots of walks with my kids this week and then walking every morning next week while the kids are in school. I may even start some sit ups and push ups.

I have also done a better job of not letting things get to me. Although last night I did have a minor break down (truck broke down again and I just got done fixing one thing on it!). I am rather proud of myself for keeping my cool between the unnecessary lectures that I kept getting and the other issues I had. Biting my tongue has never been my strong point!

I have a few craft things to work on with the kids. We are going to paint some bird houses. I spent $11 on 2 bird houses and some things to decorate it with. We are also going to go to the zoo! One of my sisters work there and I hope to surprise my kids with a behind the scene look at the lemurs!

So my goals:
1) go on walks
2) eat healthy
3) have lots of fun with my kids!
4) find a house!

How did you do this week? What are your goals for next week?

A New Me- Week 7

With spring everything is new. Take my tree for example. It starts off with these beautiful white flowers before getting it’s new leaves. I guess maybe it is just natural for us to want to start getting in shape around this time as well.

Unfortunately I really do not have any updates on my mission for a new me. I stayed at 146lbs and I am still struggling with being positive and handing things over to God. This week has been really hard on me with lots of ups and downs.

It was kind of entertaining on a few but some were rather hard. The biggest one was my Dad going into the hospital, because of his heart. Luckily nothing is wrong. But it made me appreciate my family and how quickly they can all come together for a time of need. How we can all make each other smile no matter what (and leave it to my Dad to crack jokes during a stressful time lol). I am very grateful for my family πŸ™‚

We were able to spend a lot of time outside this past week. We even went on a walk around a lake (a little over 3 miles!). The kids had a blast “exploring”, listening to all the different birds and seeing the deer. They want to go back so I figured we can do this at least twice a week πŸ™‚

This week is starting of a little rocky but I am looking forward to it changing around. My truck breaks went out on me again (they supposedly fixed it a month ago) so I spent the morning at a car dealer. The best part though are my kids’ reactions to the loaner car. I picked up my daughter first and she asked “how do you roll the window down?”- it is a basic, no bells and whistles car with nothing automatic other then the transmission). Then later when I got my son he couldn’t figure out why I didn’t unlock it lol. Then he also asked where the buttons for the windows were. For some reason that made my day and made me smile!

Now to play catch up and start packing. The house search continues so I may not be on as much until we get moved. But I do have things I am working on. I am also still looking for sponsors on a Mother’s Day Giveaway and a Father’s Day Giveaway, so if you know of anything let me know!

Goals for this week are the same as always- work out, eat right and turn to God! And of course spend lots of time with my kids

A New Me- Week 6

This is what I should be doing to myself. Crossing my legs getting sassy and saying “get off your butt”. OK so I spent a lot of time outside this past week but didn’t really exercise much. I also didn’t eat the greatest and for that I have gained .6.. Yep I went from weighing 146.0 to weighing 146.6.

I don’t know what it is, I just can’t break this weight. I know I need to crack down and exercise more. I also need to go back to eating healthier. I have 5 weeks left to get to 130 and I don’t think I am going to get there.

I think part of my problem is I am stressing. Normally I clean when I stress but I find myself munching this time around. We have 1.5 months to find a house in a town 2 hrs away and get moved in and so far we have nothing! We were not able to sale our house so we decided to rent it out. Luckily those people can move in when ever and are really flexible. But we just can’t find a place to live in our new town. We were wanting to rent but now I think we just need to suck it up and buy. I have been depressed and frustrated and I shouldn’t. That reminder came in the oddest way last night. I knocked a box my daughter made in Sunday school off my dresser. As I was picking it up I noticed on the inside was “God will Help” written on the lid… sigh- yes I know. I need to stop worrying and as my mother in law said this morning, God will bless us when the time is right. We will find someplace. I just need to quit stressing.

So my goals for this week:

  1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise
  2. Quit Snacking on foods
  3. Quit stressing and turn things over to God more
  4. Keep having fun with my kids!

How did your week go? What are you goals for this week?

A New Me- Week 5

Sometimes I wish I could be like a butterfly. Curl up in a cacoon for awhile then emerge in a new me and be done with it. This week was a bit discouraging. I did a lot of exercising. Tried a few exercise videos and went on 2 walks on tuesday alone, walked around our zoo (which is full of hills). Wednesday I was excited because i did a mid week weigh in and weighed 143.6. But for some reason this morning. I am back to weighing 146.0… This is getting really frustrating! I have 6 weeks to get to 130lbs. With the nice temps I plan on going on more walks this week (today is a rainy day so no walk sadly).

I have been eating healthy too. I have had left overs for the majority of the week and have not had candy or soda as often. I need help! What can I do to break this plateau of mine?

As to the inner stuff. I am still working on being more positive. Although this week has been very trying. When something would go right- something else would go wrong.We are having a hard time finding a new house and we are starting to get the feeling that the area we are moving to does not like law enforcement. Just getting really nervous about this move. The other frustration was- just like about every other friday- something broke lol. I was making dinner and all of a sudden ALL of our smoke detectors started going off (no dinner was not burning!). Even once I should power off to the house they kept going. My dad came over and helped me take down all the smoke detectors. But dinner finished cooking in the oven (even once power was off) and it was perfect and not dry by the time I remembered it was in the oven lol.

So goals for this week:

  1. Exercise!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lose at least 2lbs
  3. Continue to eat Healthy
  4. Continue to turn to God
  5. Spend lots of time with my kids outside!

How did your week go?

A New Me- Week 4

OK 7 more weeks to go to lose 15lbs. I started the week out at 146 and this morning weighed in at 145.2 (so down .8). We started renting videos from a place called Family Video (I highly recommend them if you have one near by) and they have 2 rows of kids movies you can rent for free and a little section of work out dvds you can rent for free. So I sucked it up and rented a Dance work out dvd (I love dancing!). I have exercise equipment but it is in my basement which is chilly and no tv or stereo so it is hard to get motivated to work out. Maybe this will help me! So my goal this week: Eat healthy and avoid those Cadbury Caramel Eggs, Exercise every morning while the kids are at school. Maybe even go on a walk or two.

I had some ups and down with some of my inner battles. We got some bad news that just frustrates me and there is nothing we can do. I also had a talk with my hubby about how I just feel overwhelmed and it is frustrating that he wants me to do something different with my meals yet when I ask him what sounds good he doesnt respond. Just a lot of emotions the past few days.

I have also been thinking about this blog and the direction I want to take it in. I started this to help others on their journey of going gluten free. So now I am reaching out to you guys.

Is there something you would like see more of? 

I still wanting to stick with the featured recipe so let me know if you would like to have a recipe feature up there. I will also keep up with this “A New Me” series because I find it helpful and keeping me responsible and motivated to change my perspective on things. I have lost sight in that and now I am getting back on track.

How did your week go? What goals do you have for this week?

A New Me- Week 3

This week did not go as planed in regards to the weight loss adventure. I gained back the 1.2lbs that I lost the week before! So here I am back to 146.  I ate healthier, I did move around a lot more. I think I just need to crack down and get on the elliptical I have down in the basement… I keep saying I am going to but never make it there.

My inner battles are getting easier to handle. I have been handing things over to God more. It helps that I now know where I am moving to. A ton of stress was released as soon as I opened that letter. Now it is my son’s turn to stress. He is not having any of the moving portion of this new job of the hubby’s. All day Sunday I got “no I am not going!” and crying because he does not think his Grandmother and Papa will be able to find him and thought he couldn’t come back home to see them. So, we went over to Grandmother and Papa’s and got his hair cut and Grandmother pulled the new town up on the computer to show she does know where we will be.

Last week kind of just flew right by! I am excited for some things coming up for you guys. Including some reviews and giveaways of some gluten free foods (like our favorite brand Kinnikinnick). My kids have been having fun reviewing the online learning tool K5. We hit a few bumps with it but nothing that we were not able to overcome and fix. We will be testing it out for 6 weeks so keep watch! 

This week brings new adventures and is starting out great! Hubby is home for the week. He bought me a new dishwasher (yay!). We are going out to the new town on Wednesday to show the kids and to tour the school. Trying lots of new (and healthy) recipes and hopefully avoiding those Cadbury Caramel Eggs!

How did your week go?

A New Me- Week 2

Another week down! We have been through two sick kids, a deep house cleaning and a lot of fun! This week went much better then last week. First the weigh in- I lost 1.2 lbs this week! I started out the week weighing in at 146 and then this morning was down to 144.8! I must admit I strayed on my goals. I didn’t really exercise again. Not unless you count shoveling at the beginning of the week and packing stuff up and deep cleaning our house. I did eat a little healthier. Did not have as much soda or sweets and had salads for lunch and my meals were not to terrible health wise.

My biggest improvement was my attitude. I made more time for my kids. It is easy to tell them in a bit or just a second and that second turns into minutes. I did a lot better of job taking in the moment while it was occurring. We colored lots, read books lots and my daughter and I danced around while cleaning on Thursday. We did have a ton of funny moments. For example my son coming home excited because the talked some about the “Silverware” (Civil War). My kids got gifts from their Daddy this week too. They each got a shirt that said Trooper in Training and my son received a State Patrol Trooper car. Saturday we spent the day at my in law’s farm for my sister in law’s bday. My daughter was chasing my sister in laws step son around making siren sounds. We always have so much fun when we are down there. My daughter loves seeing her horse, Rose. Hopefully it will warm up soon so we can go riding next time!

I also, on Friday, had a huge break through on one of my biggest battles- this blog. There were some personal things that I was battling with. I used to think I had to do a gazillion posts a day and do nothing but giveaways and what not and was getting frustrated because I wasn’t getting the numbers to match my hits, I was about to give up. Then it dawned on me- it isn’t about the numbers. I would rather put out quality post with well researched information then try to do a ton of little posts through out the day. I started this blog to help you guys and to educate and to show that being Gluten Free does not have to be bland and expensive. I hope I am fulfilling that promise I made in the beginning. If there is something you guys would like to see more of please tell me. I am doing this to help others.

There was one hard part that I am asking for help on this past week. My son is having a really hard time with this move. I am trying to play it as an adventure. I showed him a few of the possible areas we can be moving to (we will find out Friday where we are for sure moving) and the things to explore in those areas, we talked about what he would like to do to his new room. But he keeps crying, saying he will not move (and does not want to make new friends) and now his night terrors are coming back. Has anyone been through this and have suggestions? I am trying to keep him as involved as possible but he has always been anxious when it comes to change.

This week is going to be an interesting one. I tried making my Meal Plan as healthy as possible this week. We had an extra day with the hubby (he left today and normally leaves on Sunday’s). Then on Friday I get to go out to the Training Academy to spend the day, and that will be when we find out where we are moving to. But the best part for that day is knowing we get a week with my hubby! Starting to think of meals for that week. They do not exactly feed them the greatest foods: chicken patti’s 3 days a week, grilled cheese sandwiches and who knows what else. So I want to do wonderful tasting foods that he will love and something healthier then the cheap processed cafeteria food that they are feeding him.

My goals for this week are going to be the same.

1) EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Continue eating healthy
3) Focus more on my kids
4) Not stress as much!
5) Hand things over to God more!

How did you guys do this week? What are your goals for next week?