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Tortellini Gratin #Recipe


I am loving this cooking fresh mood I am in! My husband and kids are loving it too. This was actually inspired by a recipe from Hello Fresh and I saw it a simple 2 ingredient type version on Kraft foods. It is that simple!

Now normally with my italian dishes I love a lot of sauce to cover my noodles and so I can dip garlic bread in it. This one is actually opposite of that but still has plenty of flavor. So here is my recipe:

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Stir Fry with a twist #DCD #DoveChocolateDiscoveries


Sorry this isn’t one of my best pictures. I honestly had no intentions about blogging about this. It was just to good to not share with you!  I did a post a while back about Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Well after spending lots of money buying their products I thought I would sign up. And that has been the best decision I have made! I am getting to experience all new ways of enjoying cocoa. Including in every day cooking.

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Grilled Roast #Recipe

Every now and then we go in with my in laws and buy either 1/4 or 1/2 a cow. When we are able to do this I am in heaven. With being grass fed, no hormones, as natural as you can get with cows, their beef is to die for! It is always tender and juicy. They only raise one at time so it is not stuck in a huge massive feed lot either. I hate when we run out and I have to go back to buying from a store!

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Homemade Hamburger Dish

This is a dish I used to make before going gluten free. I would use the Kraft Mac & Cheese (white cheddar flavor) and some Parmesan cheese. For you gluten folks I will put a note below as to what i did with that below. This was my first attempt and I think I may do a few things differently next time. I think this would be a great dish to mix up the flavors. Like add taco seasoning, or chili powder, maybe some garlic and mozz cheese and italian spices for an italian flavor. I think this is a good base for those hamburger helper type meals.

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Cheeseburger Pie

Heard this recipe on our local radio station and had to try it. I changed some things up to add more flavor so if you would like the original recipe you can go here (it just uses hamburger and onions then the topping). This will also make a really good breakfast casserole dish if you add some peppers, tomatoes, and maybe some ham or sausage instead of beef.

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Easy Meatloaf

Dinner of meatloaf, corn and mashed potatoes- I will try to get the name of the GF Gravy

Meatloaf can be a very good and naturally gluten free dish if using the right products. Here is a simple dish that I have been making since going GF. The only thing I had to change was the brand of oats I used.

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