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It’s a party! With @OrientalTrading

Well another birthday has come and gone. This one was well- shall we say interesting. Birthday’s in our house can be a bit chaotic. With being a half GF and half non gluten free house things can get to be interesting when it comes to baking. This year, for example in order to save money we opted to just do cupcakes, and make regular cupcakes after I baked the gluten free ones. Yep. That was about 4-5 dozen cupcakes that were made. And as if that was not enough- we had two different flavors for the regular cupcakes and of course my daughter had to have two different colors.

The birthday party itself was a blast though. With the help of Oriental Trading Company (sponsor) and their Girl Theme Party Supplies we were able to quickly set up. This year my daughter (who is big on horses) choose to celebrate with the Brave Supplies. We received some invites, some plates and cups and napkins. They make it easy to find matching table cloths and streamers all in one place. My daughter was really thrilled and excited to decorate with the items we received.

Once all the girls were here we started with the fun. At first they just went and played up in my daughters room. But then after a while they came down for a game of Pin the Tail on the Horse! The girls had a blast doing this and it was rather entertaining seeing where the girls ended up! We had so much fun that we ended up playing this twice! Here are some more pictures of the fun we had!

Over all her birthday party was a great time. This was just one of two parties. The following day we had family come out to visit and celebrate with us (which explains all the cupcakes lol). It was a great weekend and I can not believe my little sassy pants is 7 now. How time flies!

Which reminds me- it wont be long before July rolls around- I wonder what I should do for Little Man.