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Staying Healthy with #DoTerra #2015HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway US Only


One of the important things to our family is living a natural and healthy style. I have slowly started getting into using essential oils and am still learning of all the wonderful benefits. One thing I use all the time is Lavender Oil. This is really a great multi use oil. It helps with hypertension,  headaches, it calms my son when he is having anxiety issues. But it can also help with this like burns, instect bites and more.

I am starting to learn about other oils though. Like Past Tense from DoTerra. It comes in an easy to apply roller to help with Tension Headaches. This may be what I need this holiday season. Being an LEOW the holidays are always stressful trying to figure out when to see family and arranging things like that. Continue reading

Sleep & Relaxation from Young Living Essential Oils

I have recently been turned on to essential oils and wanted to share an experience I have been having.

Now first, I am not an expert at essential oils. I am sure there are plenty of uses, rub a dab here and rub a dab there but I couldn’t tell you what does what to do that with. So I am starting small. I keep a diffuser going almost every night.

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