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The new Pinterest for Food!

I found my new addiction! 
What is Fridgg? It is like the a pinterest for foods and recipes! It is so simple to use and I love how it is set up! You upload a photo, link to the recipe and that is it! All your recipes in one nice neat layout, use tags to make it easy to find one kind of recipe. 
Look at how pretty that is! Ok now here is how simple it is once you sign up. First click that green submit on the upper right. Then upload a photo
Then fill out the information! Link to your post, leave a brief description, add some tags and that is it!
Then browse for recipes! There are a lot on there and they look oh so good! 
With that said: If you like my recipes and want to make sure you catch when a new one is posted be sure to follow me on Fridgg!
I look forward to seeing you on there!