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The Gift that Keeps Giving @WorldVisionUSA #GiftCatalog #2015HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway ~US only


I want to take a moment to get serious. We all know that the holiday is about family and giving. But why not give your family a gift that keeps on giving?

World Vision is a Christian Organization that helps people in 3rd World Countries. They also give you ways you can help as well. You can do something as simple as sponsor a child, but what if you could make an impact like giving a community some livestock, or help them build a well with fresh and safe water to drink.  Well thanks to the World Vision Gift Catalog, you can!

The World Vision Gift Catalog allows you to choose from something like giving a community a goat for milk, maybe some chickens for eggs, a pig, or a beehive for as low as $19. You can also choose to send some communities much needing clothing or even shelter! Your contribution will go to families in need in poverty stricken countries.

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Get Personal with #CuffLifeBoutique #2015HolidayGiftGuide #giveaway ~US Only


During the Holiday season I am always looking for a way to personalize the gifts. To me there is just something about a personalized gift. It says you took time and thought about the person.

This year I want to offer you a look at some really fun gifts. At the Cuff Life Boutique (I just love that name), you can find a wide range of items for various beverages! Each item can be personalized by adding a name, or maybe changing things up. She does offer complete personalization as well.


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#2015HolidayGiftGuide Tupperware Fun! #Giveaway ~US Only



Yes you are reading that! Tupperware! It is still around! And it is as amazing as ever!

So we have all been to a Tupperware party or two in our days right? They have great products that keep your food fresh for weeks. You storage your food in them, and call it good right? WRONG! tupperware deals3

Ok so I may be a wee bit excited. But I am so excited to find a place with so much variety for my kitchen needs and then some. While shopping through the site I found shredders, storage for my Christmas goodies (which I desperately need according to the popo), things for kids and then some!

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#Younique #MakeUp #2015HolidayGiftGuide #Giveaway US & CA


This year I recently started selling a product that I have absolutely fallen in love with, Younique. This make up has honestly change my life. With the team I work with I have made new friends who are constantly encouraging and motivating each other, I have given my family some financial support and I have boosted my own self confidence. But you are not here to read about my life. Let’s get to the make up!

Younique make up is free of harmful chemicals, a lot of their products are gluten free, some are even vegan! But it doesn’t stop there. They are also cruelty free. We do not believe in testing on animals. So if you have a make up lover in your life this would be a great gift for you! We have a ton of great new products.

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Save Instantly at Office Max! #Omax10



Things are getting busy here and we are stocking up on classroom supplies. We are also on the look out for the best deals! Office Max has some really amazing ones but why stop there? Did you know that you can find gift cards there? Talk about knocking two things out at once. Find supplies, buy gifts for birthday or for teachers. I can handle that!

To make it better, right now you can save $10 with an instant rebate when you buy 2, $50 VISA gift cards, in-store at Office Max. And you may be asking- Why get a person a VISA gift card? Well for one- it can be used anywhere so the person can use it on a restaurant, a movie, clothes, or anything else that they may want or need at that moment in time. But if that is not enough motivation for you here are some more reasons:
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Teaching Supplies from @Staples & #giveaway!

Well our second semester started! Half way through the school year and in our Resource Room (special education) we are finding new ways to support our unique range of kiddos we care for. We have been presented with some challenges and took them head on! But with the unique kids come unique lessons, crafts, and rewards!

One thing I learned though- it can quickly add up! And Teachers pay for a lot of this out of their own pockets. That is way I am starting to like Staples more and more! In their Education Supplies, they have things for teachers from Classroom Decor, arts & crafts to classroom storage and globes. They also have a really great reward program for Teachers.

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Last Minute Shopping? Great deal at Albertsons #AlbsLstMin #giveaway


There are only 10 days left until Christmas! Yikes! Where does time go?!?!

I am almost done with my shopping but I do have some last minute things I need to get. OK, let me rephrase that, I have a lot of a last minute things to get. Who am I kidding?!?! I won’t lie I am a frugal/lazy shopper. I hate buying gifts for people as I mentioned in my last post so I go gift cards. I mean- who doesn’t enjoy a night out to their favorite restaurant? And what is better then saving money while buying gift cards? Yep, Nothing! I love saving while spending!

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Keeping it Charged! @usverbatim #giveaway


At the beginning of the month I told you about this wonderful power pack from Verbatim. I am still using this and am loving how handy it has become! You can read my full review HERE!

Now I have a chance for you to stay and touch and keep things charged by winning your own Ultra Slim Power Pack! This power pack is a 4200 mAh and can fully charge up to 2 charges on your phone.

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