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The 365 Journey ~ Day 11 & 12

Yikes! What a whirlwind! Both kiddos are sick. Stomach bug has officially hit our house. Little Man started it Wednesday night so I spent the night on an old uncomfortable couch because we really only have 1 bathroom on the main floor of our house.  I kept Little Miss home from school yesterday because they had a late start and if I would have come down with it while she was at school would have no way of getting her home. But life played a trick on me- Little Miss was next in line. As the day went on she was fading fast. Thankfully she has not thrown up yet, but has had the fever and the blah stomach, and headaches.  Needless to say- both are home from school again today, on on the mend, and one fighting it. Essential Oils are going and on our feet. I even used lysol on EVERYTHING. As bad as I feel for Little Man having the brunt of it. I really hope that a little blah feeling is the worse for everyone else. I am hoping the oils I am diffusing and putting on our feet help. So here is how our day today is looking:

In other news- Why must owning an old house cost so much? Here I was hoping in 2018 we could catch a break, pay down some of our debt (still hoping the thing I entered on Ellen will be a blessing and we would be selected to win) and get ahead. But we just got word that the thing we need to update in our house sooner than later will cost us about $10,000! That is the plumbing. See our plumbing is ancient. Like pretty sure original to the house ancient. Cast Iron, leaking, patched here and there with band aid fixes, ancient. So to fix the upstairs bathroom that has been pretty much gutted (the only thing they left in there was the toilet so at least we have that for middle of the night needs), add a bathroom up there (so there will be a main bath and then a master bath) and update all the plumbing to the current bathroom and kitchen. That isn’t including updating the fixtures in the current main bath, the flooring for either bathroom, or the vanity in the 2 upstairs bathrooms.

On the plus side- the Bathrooms and the heating/air are the most expensive updates we need to do at this time. Eventually we would love to update the kitchen but at the time we bought our house that was the most recent update so it is last on our list. We do need to fix up the 3rd floor. Yes I said 3rd floor. The electrical is the old knob and tube wiring so that needs updating adn there are 2 bedrooms and a main living space that needs minor updating. but since there is currently no ac/heat up there it is low on our list. So much to do, and I wonder if it will ever get done. I am sure at some point we should replace all the windows since that was done in the 90’s some time. Someday we will get this house to it’s formal glory. Know any contest I can enter to help get there sooner than later?


Our Chaos of 2016 and 2017

Another year has come and gone. It honestly has been a very over whelming year and a hard year. This year and quiet honestly the past few years, it seems like no matter how hard we try we just keep sinking.

Ok so this post is going to start out sad- because I need to talk. I need to get it out. My husband and I are struggling. I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like because I am trying to stay above water and am constantly running my kids around everywhere since hubs works 3 jobs. We were finally pulling ahead, we got in so much debt during 2010 when my husband was unemployeed for the whole year like many other electricitions and trade jobs. We did what we needed to but now are paying for it. We were finally getting ahead, then 2016 happened. It started in March with the nightmare of my daughter having intussusception (you can read about that HERE). That was hard- to sum it up- my, then 9 year old, had a section of her colon removed during an emergency surgery. It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. Right as those medical bills starting coming in Sept/October, our boiler in our old farm house decided it was done and quit. Now keep in mind, we bought this house knowing it was a fixer upper. We knew the heating needed updated and it has no AC so we knew that would need done. But we were not expecting the larger expenses to occur until we got some of the smaller things done. WRONG. $5K that we had to come up with (on top of the the $2K for medical bills) to at least get heat on our main level. Yes, I said on the main level. Our second floor does not have heat yet- we use small little heaters in each room so have grown used to multiple blankets and 65 degrees warmth. We still do not have AC. Our house is a full 3 stories so we have to zone- we have to put insulation in because it does not have ANY so we got the main level down to help keep some of our new heat in. All things we did not expect so soon. Fast forward to December- 2 ER trips were done. One was comical- husband was stashing Christmas gifts and lost his balance and landed on some Lego’s- Carefuly they not only hurt to step on but can cut you bad enough for stitches. Oh yeah- the ER nurses had a GREAT laugh over that. Then Christmas Eve came- ER trip for me at 2am- thought appendicitis turned out inflammation so possible viral or Chrons. Either way I stayed in the hospital but got to go home around lunch time Christmas Day (found out a month or so later it was a new medication they put me on for my blood pressure). You guessed it more medical bills.

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House Remodeling Update!


Yep- the look on this lemur says exactly how I feel about this house remodeling! Ok so both of their looks! The bug eyed one for thinking- what on earth did we get ourselves into and then the evil look because I am totally over the dust by now!

For those who may be confused. Last September we bought an acreage with a house that needs lots of love. It is a hundred years old and I am pretty sure the electrical and everything is all original lol. So we are starting on the main floor over this past week:

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Let the renovations begin!


It has started to warm up in our area lately. That means we can finally crack down on the house renovation! I am so excited for this part because it means we can finally insulate! Our goal for this summer is to have our lower level completely updated and at least one bath room installed upstairs.

In order to do that part of what we need to do is take down our ceiling. We started that process but before we got there we had a LOT of work to do.

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#Spring is in the Air! ~House update


The weather has been gorgeous! I mean 70 degrees gorgeous! It is giving me spring fever and then today I found these beauties peaking up from the ground! We did not do any of the landscaping so I have no clue what will come up and when. But I was beyond excited to finally see some color! So it got me thinking. With the weather warming up we can start up on the house updates! Yay!

I have talked a lot about the work that needs done inside. Which is a ton of work. But what is the point of updating the inside if your curb appeal is, well non existent? So now to start planning and plotting. Not to mention we need to start plotting out our vegetable garden. So I thought I would show you our desperate need for an outdoor make over (please keep in mind- this house sat empty for 7 years.

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Lost Warmth~ House Update

It has been awhile since we have given you guys an update! This past month was kind of interesting. We pulled off more paneling off the walls. We also went around the windows and added some new seals to them. Actually- I don’t know what you would call it- my husband put strips of something inside them to help fill in the gaps. That has helped some. We also covered the AC unit that sticks out the kitchen (only form of AC we have for now). We hung some of the curtains I made 2 years ago in the kitchen and laundry room.

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We have heat!………Sort of!

Well Christmas break is almost over and we have been busy! There was one thing on my to do list that I didn’t get done. That is the office. I was going to attack it. But I need to figure out some sort of storage system for all the craft stuff, the wrapping stuff, the games, our desk, our books, my sewing and more. It needs to be a multipurpose room and I have no clue how to get it there!

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Projects Projects and More Projects

Well now that we are settled in (somewhat) we are starting to work on little projects here and there. It has been a lot of unexpected but at the same time, a lot of better outcomes. We still have a ton to do and I still wish HGTV would send someone to do fix up our house all pretty like. But in the mean time I will just keep blogging about our little progress.

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Where we have been and #HGTV where are you?!?!

I wanted to thank you all for your patience and support over the past few days. We moved last week and are still trying to get our life back together! It has been a crazy house buying experience but now I am ready to move on and get to fixing up this old beauty.

This house was built in 1913. So it has had some updates to it and some expansions. But it was built as a 3 story for lots of kids. So yes- we have a full finished 3 story house now. Which equals lots of love to give. I am going to have my hands full on this. Here are some inside pictures:

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