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Lost Warmth~ House Update

It has been awhile since we have given you guys an update! This past month was kind of interesting. We pulled off more paneling off the walls. We also went around the windows and added some new seals to them. Actually- I don’t know what you would call it- my husband put strips of something inside them to help fill in the gaps. That has helped some. We also covered the AC unit that sticks out the kitchen (only form of AC we have for now). We hung some of the curtains I made 2 years ago in the kitchen and laundry room.

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30 Day Plank Challenge Week 3

Photo credit is unknown but please know this is not my own.

More like it has been that kind of week! But it has also gone good! I took my healthiness to the next level and really started adding more cardio to the mix. But to help keep myself on track I signed up for MyFittnessPal last sunday. Here I have been able to keep track of my exercise and actually see what I consume. I have learned a lot from doing that. The biggest thing is- I do not eat normal- and when  do eat- the foods are rather entertaining. But regardless I have stayed under my 1400 calories a day limit that it says I should stay under. I am going to be honest now- My weight last week was 159lbs. My goal weight is 130lbs. But I didn’t lose any either, I weighed myself again today and still way 159lbs (well 159.6 to be exact) and I measured my core-just below the belly button and I am at 37 1/2″ so that needs to go away to0. Yes at first I was mad. But then I realized- I am just starting- it will take time. I need to stick to it.

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30 Day Plank Challenge Week 1


Whew! The above picture shows how I feel right about now! One thing I am really starting to crack down on is my health. I have hypertension and I hate taking medicine. Absolutely hate it. So I started using lavender oil and that has helped to bring it down. But I want to go one step further- and start exercising and eating better than what I already do (in other words not eat as many sweets!).

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A Scary New Trend!



Here, we are a law enforcement family. You may have noticed that I often refer to my husband in posts as The Popo. Because he is. He is a trooper with the State Patrol and I love him dearly for what he does.

Being an LEO wife means a lot more then the title. It means being strong when needed, being silent when needed, birthdays and holidays fall on different days, weekends are in the middle of the week which means so does date night. It also means being aware of their 3rd Arm. Yep- I call it their 3rd Arm. It is always there. You get to a point where you just know what side of him to stand/sit on when walking or sitting together so that he can easily get to it when needed. Because if you are married to an LEO you know, they are never off duty. They are always assessing, looking, alert. They are always protecting. And part of that comes with that extra appendage. It is just the way it is and something you get used to. And to be honest with all the hate towards cops- I am glad he has it on him at all times so he can at least of a chance to defend himself.

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What is in a name?

“What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Oh how I love Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is by far my favorite one though. I could read Shakespeare all day long! But his rose quote is one I think of often.

Why? Because it is so true. It doesn’t matter what you call something it doesn’t change what it is. And this thought of mine goes with everything. But the recent thing is: telemarketing.

Yes. Telemarketing. I had that job once. I have done both inbound and outbound telemarketing so I tend to take pity on those people. To an extent. I like others, draw a line.

Ok so you want to know what does Shakespeare quote about a name have to do with this. It starts with a trend I am noticing. The “I am not a telemarketer I am a marketing specialist”. I hate to pee in your cheerios- but you are still a telemarketer. Let me break it down for you:
Tele: Short for telephone, something you use to talk to someone when you can not be face to face, an object to which you call someone on. 
Marketing: When you try to sell something to a targeted audience, to persuade to purchase your product or sign up for your service. 
Put the compound word together you get “Telemarketing”: Marketing a product or service over the phone.
You can call yourself a Marketing Specialist all you want. You can deny to me that you are not a telemarketer while you are trying to get me to sign up for your service all you want. It doesn’t change what your company truly is: A telemarketing service.
I will wait while you get your kleenex. I know your boss lied to you. I am sorry. But it is the truth. And I am stating this because people do not realize there are laws that such companies must follow. So for those of you who are not aware of your rights as a consumer receiving these calls here are some. 
  1. They must announce at the beginning what company they are calling on behalf of and where the company is located. (ie: They must say this is XYZ company in (enter state or city/state here).)
  2. If you tell them not to call. They are required to take you off their calling cycle for AT LEAST 6 months. Then they can place you back on their cycle. 
  3. Even if you are on the Do Not Call Registry, companies you have done business with or debt collectors can still call you. 
Ok so those are the top 3 that were beat into me when I did telemarketing. But companies violate that on a daily basis! Since Feb 12th I have been dealing with a number (561-463-8324). I am putting this number out there so you guys can be aware of this potential scam. The first call came in on 2/12 in the afternoon. They called twice that day- neither time I answered because I did not recognize that number. Then on 2/13 they called again in the morning. I was with students so I didn’t see the miss call until 10ish. Curiosity struck me (which it shouldn’t of) thinking maybe it is important, if not I can tell them to stop calling and they will. I call the number back and some guy with an Indian accent told me I could qualify for additional Medical Compensation. No company name, nothing! I told him I would not answer any questions because they are not with my insurance company and they are to stop calling. Problem solved. Right?
WRONG! On the 17th they called again! This time I was on my way home from school so I was able to answer. They actually tried to tell me they were not a telemarketer and do not have to provide me with a company name or location! I broke down the term telemarketing to the guy and he just stumbled over his words. I firmly told them that we are a law enforcement family and that my Popo will have fellow Popo’s investigate (no not in those terms) and that if they called again I would turn them into the Attorney General for harassment. Once I hung up I filed a complaint on the FTC website. Problem again, solved. 
WRONG AGAIN! This number does not stop! They called again on 3/5- I recognized the number so I did not answer thinking if I ignore they will go away. They called again on 3/10- this time from an unknown number. I answered curious as to who it was- they blocked their number from me! Oh did they get an earful. I informed them that a Popo was listening in and we are going straight to the Attorney General and blocking the number does not give them the right to call and hung up. I again filed a complaint with FTC, as well as the Do Not Call Registry, and yes, I contacted our Attorney General to see if harassment charges can be pressed. I also had my carrier block their number so hopefully they can not call again!
So if you get annoying calls from the same person- remember your rights! Do not be afraid to take time to report them. It took me 5 minutes if that! And please watch out for anyone calling to see if you qualify for Medical Compensation. That should be a no brainer but sadly to many fall victim to such scams and have their identity stolen (I used to work in a fraud department).
If you have been receiving calls from an unwanted source you can report it HERE. They give a link to reporting it on the Do Not Call Registry as well if you would like. Then there is always your State Attorney General!
In the mean time- hopefully this number will finally quit calling me and hopefully one of the 3 places I reported them to will do something soon! 
~This post is not meant to be legal advice. I am not a lawyer or an expert in this department. Just bringing up things I learned while on the job.~

What to do when your pet wanders?

Ugh! Our dog wandered off again! Here she was doing sooo good! But with harvest going on and hearing coyotes around we just can’t have her doing that. My fear is that she will get ran over by a tractor or a combine or go looking for the coyotes. I just don’t know what to do!

So I am on a mission! I need to find either a wireless fence or an invisible fence. I can not afford one or regular fencing so I am not sure what I will do. She is like one of my kids I don’t know what I would do if we had to get rid of her. But my husband is to that point where he thinks she would be better off in a different home. We have had her since she was a puppy so the kids will be heart broken (my daughter ran to her room in tears with the mention of getting rid of her). I am at a lost as to what to do.

Any tips or suggestions (or will gladly take a wireless system off your hands if you are looking at getting rid of yours!)?

SAHM to Full Time Working Mom

As we find ourselves with yet again another beautiful sunset I reflect on today and give myself a huge old epic fail! I got absolutely nothing on my to do list done today! And other then going over to a friends house to watch our Husker’s, I have no excuse for it!

So about 3 years ago I opted to leave work and be a stay at home mom. It worked out great for us for awhile. I was always on top of the house work and had energy (for the most part). prior to that I worked part time for a year, then last year I worked part time, I could still keep up with the house work. But financially we were suffering. We couldn’t buy a house, we were barely making our payments on things. I needed something full time.

Finally God blessed me with something that would give me the best of both worlds. A full time job where I can be home when the kids are home. I work at their school as a para educator. Can I just say- going back to work full time after 4 years is not easy! I feel lost and overwhelmed. My house work is behind and my blog is behind, as well as my photography courses. I am exhausted and lack motivation for some reason!

Hopefully I will get out of this funk and into a routine quickly! I feel like I am letting my family down but at the same time I know that this is the best for us as we catch up from my hubby’s many unemployment periods (electrical field) and from our move. But how do you do it? We have one day a week where we really crack down on the house cleaning and laundry. But now come that day (saturday) I am ready to sit and relax!

If you have any tips for being a mom of two working full time let me know!

The Little Surprises

As a mom nothing should surprise me. But once in a while my kids manage to in the most unexpected ways. I love watching them grow and turn into these beautiful, caring, kids. I normally talk about my daughter but today I wanted to tell you about my son.

My son normally has anxiety issues. The slightest change and he just melts down and it something we deal with and he is getting better at controling and talking things through. But with that comes an amazing photographic memory as well. You can take him some place and he will be able to tell you exactly where to go even days or weeks later to get to where you need to be. For example- when we moved. He was afraid our family couldn’t find us. We took him to our new town, let him meet his teacher. A few days later we were visiting with my mom. He told her what all she needed to pass to get to our new house. We were just in aw.  Since moving though- he is more calm, his anxiety attacks are less and less. He just is over all more happy.

But that isn’t the only transformation. He has had a spiritual one as well. He has chosen to be baptized and fully understood what that met. He has joined boy scouts and is all about helping other’s now. This winter we had a blizzard and our neighbor was out of town. Our son spent 2 days clearing our neighbors drive way so he could get into it when he returned.

Fast forward to this summer and out of the blue he started holding doors open for ladies. He even makes his sister and I wait to get out of the car so he can open the doors for us. But my proudest moments have been the past few weeks.

Memorial Day- we had a tornado hit a town south of us. The next day we got a call from church asking to come help clean up… My husband and I talked about it but wondered what our small kids could do. In walks in my son “Mommy I want to go help the people, can we please?” We tried to tell him that there really wasn’t much he could do. But he insisted. We wanted to embrace his concern so we took him. He was quiet the trooper. Both the kids were. They were dragging tree limbs that they could to the piles, picking up the small branches. They were doing a great job. I was so proud of them.

The biggest surprise and proud moment was tonight. We were watching the Blind Side. You know that movie about Michael Oher, the football player. Half way through the movie my son informed me that this is his favorite movie. I asked him way (thinking he would say because it was about football) but no. It was much deeper. He informed me because they helped Micheal get out of the rain and because the lady took care of him like a Mommy is suppose to do. Yes- that came out of my soon to be 8 year olds mouth. He fully understood that movie and to know that he would want to help a kid to if we found them just made my heart happy. He could of been thinking of our trip, he could of been more concern about the football, but no it was a geniune concern for Michael. He loves that story because someone helped him and was a “mommy to him”.

All this just reminds me that my little man is growing up. I am so happy with the path he is choosing to take. I only pray that God continues to guide him down this path. If it is His will I can see God leading Danny to be just like his Daddy- in Law Enforcement, where he can help people on a daily basis. The little things make me smile and I couldn’t be prouder of my Little Man.