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New Year, New Goal



Happy New Year! I know I am a few days into it. Better late than never right? It has been a crazy few days though. My router had a virus, then I was doing a lot of preparing for family, then family came out for the day. Today I am trying to do a bit of catching up before we return back to school.

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We have heat!………Sort of!

Well Christmas break is almost over and we have been busy! There was one thing on my to do list that I didn’t get done. That is the office. I was going to attack it. But I need to figure out some sort of storage system for all the craft stuff, the wrapping stuff, the games, our desk, our books, my sewing and more. It needs to be a multipurpose room and I have no clue how to get it there!

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A Scary New Trend!



Here, we are a law enforcement family. You may have noticed that I often refer to my husband in posts as The Popo. Because he is. He is a trooper with the State Patrol and I love him dearly for what he does.

Being an LEO wife means a lot more then the title. It means being strong when needed, being silent when needed, birthdays and holidays fall on different days, weekends are in the middle of the week which means so does date night. It also means being aware of their 3rd Arm. Yep- I call it their 3rd Arm. It is always there. You get to a point where you just know what side of him to stand/sit on when walking or sitting together so that he can easily get to it when needed. Because if you are married to an LEO you know, they are never off duty. They are always assessing, looking, alert. They are always protecting. And part of that comes with that extra appendage. It is just the way it is and something you get used to. And to be honest with all the hate towards cops- I am glad he has it on him at all times so he can at least of a chance to defend himself.

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Where has time gone

I can’t believe I am about to say this- But 10 years ago today I married the love of my life. Wow. 10 years! Where does time go? It doesn’t seem like that long! The best part is- I love him more today then I ever have! I have also learned a lot over the years and I thought I would share a few:

  • my cooking will never be like his moms lol
  • marriage is not a once you got them stop trying deal. It takes time and patience. Your marriage should grow with you each day. 
  • communication is key!
  • Go with the flow! You never know what God has planned for you so when things are going your way then life throws you a curve ball- grab your hubby’s hand and trust him and God to guide you through it. 
  • never go to bed angry! Yes we all fight- no marriage is 100% perfect. But no matter what we always went to bed in the same bed, and in each other’s arms! 
I know some of those you are probably rolling your eyes at. But to me, my husband is my guide. He is there to protect the kids and I and he does a wonderful job at that. I know he will always be there for me! The go with the flow part took me a while to figure out. With being in a construction field there were a lot of times my hubby was jobless. Just when we would get on track it seemed work would slow down. I got to a point where I just had to laugh a lot. I knew God would not let us fall and would provide my husband with the work he needed to provide for us. And sure enough, after many prayers, and many hard times, my husband finally landed his dream job. I am so proud to be a part of that journey for him!
The thing I love the most though, s that after all these years we still look at each other as if we just met. Every day I thank God for my husband and my kids. 
Here is to 10 wonderful years and here is to many more to come! 

Why Auctions can be addicting!

It is official! I am addicted to auctions! This was the first time we stayed for a whole auction (and I wont lie this was only my third auction that I attended). I am so glad we did! So why are auctions good? Well first of all you can find awesome items for amazing low prices! Here are a few examples:

Take this 12 piece Arabella by Mikasa serving set. Yep this item was there. I fell in love with it and all other plate sets were selling for $10 so I thought what the heck… yeah mental note- next time check out the maker of the sets so I know what to bid! We were on a budget so hubby said no more then $20 and went off to bid on some furniture. Like I good wife I listened and did not get it. But some lucky lady ended up with this $600 set for only $50! I am 100% jealous of her!

Then there was the original late 1800’s bodices and shawls that I found.. Oh I would of loved to own that shawl- but nope it sold for $70! There were somethings that just went ridiculously high, like a flour tin (about 2 ft tall so a big one) that sold for over $200! But for the most part things went amazingly well!

So what did we leave with? well..We left with a misc box of coasters and magnets for $1. A reproduction 1800 dress for $1 (need to remove the zipper then it will work for reenacting). Some boy scout stuff for $5, about 40 glasses, 5 wine glasses and a serving jar for $7, 8 folding wooden chairs for reenacting for $7, some luggage (can’t remember how much lol) and the big items:

2 of these night stands for only $5 (I think lol)

 The best grab was this table. We got it for 50 cents! Oh the potential in this. I am thinking a kids craft table.

Can’t you just picture it! Some new paint. Maybe some chalkboard paint on the top and that is all! I will do another post on that later!

So that was my day at the auction in a nutshell. We got a lot of stuff and the total bill came to $33!  I saw so many other treasures I would of loved to have but well couldn’t afford. Right now we are just attending auctions for some dishes and book shelves. If you haven’t been to an auction you need to go to one! They are so much fun and you can always find some really cool antiques there!

Need #organization HELP!

As you may have read we have recently moved! Things are slowly falling into place. Our house is a nice 4 bed, 2 bath house that was built in 1910. With that said- it is a decent size house with large rooms- but ZERO closet space and storage areas!

I just thought I would take a break from organizing and trying to figure out this space to show you what I have been up against

First- The down stairs. There are 2 “mud rooms” that we have when you first walk into the house. One we keep my exercise equipment in and the dog’s kennel. Then the other we have turned into a pantry (see below picture). The pantry one has a closet for coats and loops into the Kitchen while the main one loops into living space. We even have a nice little built in and a laundry room on this level. Then you have a bedroom (I think it is a bedroom as they have turned the closet into a bathroom). Since there is not a closet we turned it into our office. This is where we need help with! All those books and craft stuff and computer thing and sewing items…Lots of room, just nothing to put it in/on. Need to find a storage solution for that! Then upstairs we have one big bath (with no cabinets!) and 3 bedrooms and then a room that is- I don’t know what! The pictures for those speak for themselves!

Downstairs Issues: Pantry, and Office

This is my closet (there is one rod and then some hooks. 

Bathroom has just that one vanity! There is a tiny medicine cabinet on one wall but this is it! Then as you can tell- the extra room as nothing but walls and a door to the outside (used to be a deck out there)

Kid’s closest. Jen’s is really tight and has no rods so her clothes are on hooks right now. Danny’s is bigger but just has that one row of hooks. He also has that nice built in that he uses. 

So that is it. I wish I could have someone come in and completely organize and make my house look so pretty like you see on those HGTV shows lol. The upstairs bathroom needs updated massively. I do my make up and hair in our down stairs bathroom currently. I need some of those nice organization units for in closest and well everywhere! I love all the original wood work though. I am so happy we finally found a place we can call home!

Moved- Again!

We are officially moved! I have moved more times in the past year then I have ever wanted to move! Hopefully we wont have to move again. At least not for 10 years (let the kiddos finish school and what not). We finally found an acreage to rent out here. So as soon as we got back from our trip it was time to start packing! The move went really smooth. We had a ton of people come help us so that helped. We have gotten a lot unpacked but still have a lot to do. When I should be unpacking I am out taking pictures! Here are some I have taken:

Sunset through the trees

This is one of the old buildings on the land. And Yes it has an old Texaco sign painted on it

Jen coming out into the field with me. A little country girl already!

Sun setting into the corn

The kids found this swing! 

Mama Flicker feeding her baby 

We are all loving it here. My son is loving the trees to explore. My daughter can not wait to get our horses here (end of August) and my dog is chasing rabbits till her little heart is content (she sleeps very well at night now lol). I am loving all the scenery for photo taking and hubby is just happy to be where he belongs- in the country!  This summer has been amazing between our trip, the move and now I have landed a full time job at the school! God is truly blessing us and I am forever grateful!