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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Announcing our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

If you are a company looking to promote for this holiday season I can help you in 3 different ways:

Sponsored Post: This will be a basic blog write up about your company and what we have to offer. There will be no follow links directing people to your site and social media.  Cost $30

Product Review: Send me a product you would like to feature and I will review it. The review will link back to your site and social (no follow links) and will have original photos of the product. The product sent must be an unused FULL SIZE product (no samples) to qualify for the review.

Product Review and Giveaway: Same as the product review (product for review must be sent to me). Except at the end of the post will be a giveaway form. Giveaway entries would include following you on social media, browsing your site, and sharing the post. You will be responsible for shipping the prize to the winner. I will not send the review product to the winner (who wants a used item as a prize anyway?), and I will not accept the second product to mail out. I will provide you with a winner name and mailing address only for the shipment of the prize to the winner.

Any post accepted to our gift guide will be promoted on social media during the Holiday Gift Guide period during the month of November. All Giveaways will end before December 1st so that winner can receive prize before Christmas. The post will also be linked to on our Holiday Gift Guide tab which stays up for the year.

If you would like to be considered for this promotional period please fill out the form below:


Closing out Summer with @oldorchardjuice

Well Labor Day weekend officially brings summer to an end. And what a fun summer we had! We actually had our summer end a few weeks ago but to me it is not officially over until the pool closes and our State Fair is over and that first Husker game comes on!

And all of the above has happened! So we did some celebrating! And I am sorry, I slacked and did not get very good pictures but I wanted to tell you about some amazing drinks we made.

I have talked to you about Old Orchard back in July when we had some of their new juices for my sons birthday party. I love this company because they are constantly introducing new and amazing products that are full of flavor! Well they did it again with their adult mixers.

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Staying Refreshed with @oldorchardjuice #review

This summer with not having air conditioning we are looking for ways to stay cool and refreshed. On the plus side of that, we are all drinking a lot more water then we used to. But every now and then something with flavor is nice to enjoy as well.

One of our go to brands for the thirst quenching is Old Orchard. Founded over 25 years ago by Mark Saur in Michigan, these juices bring you the natural flavors of fruits for you to enjoy. They do not contain any artificial ingredients or msg so that is plus!

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Grilling Out with Al Fresco #Review

It is summer time! That means I will be doing a lot of cooking on the grill. Mostly because I love to grill, but also because- well with no AC I do not need to heat up my house any more! But sometimes it is nice to just grab something and heat it up with out much prep.

Al Fresco has some items that can help with just that. I have received some Chicken Sausage to see if I could create a recipe with. But unfortunately with the chaos of our life lately I just could not think of anything. But then the sausage became a life saver one night. We were in a rush (as usual) so I just grabbed a package and placed them on the grill.

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No Greater Love Art #Review

For awhile now, I have been seeing some beautiful artwork done by Jason Bullard. If you have seen the pictures of the Law Enforcement, Military, or Firefighter with wings then you have seen his art. And it is breath taking.

Jason Bullard is a self taught, award winning photographer. He started with concept art and while working on that he grew a passion for digital art and photography. I keep trying to find the words to say but I think his site, No Greater Love Art says it best:

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Falling for Cookies Con Amore

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Spring is in the air and my allergies are definitely feeling it! But I am loving the fresh green grass, the rain, the smells of spring. But I am also loving the longer days! It is nice being able to sit out on my front porch and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. But even better if I had some Gluten Free biscotti to go with it!

Then I found some! Cookies Con Amore brings you Italian Cookies made with all natural ingredients including organic butter and free range eggs. It started with Fernanda and Angelo Capraro who were childhood friends in Sant Elia Italy. Cookies were always on hand in their homes to go with the coffee and wine. In 1970 they moved to California and opened a series of Italian Delis and a restaurant in Laguna Beach. In 2005 after having friends request their cookies for weddings, they started Cookies Con Amore. Since the start in 2005 they have grown to include 20 employees, and have an 8,000 square foot bakery.

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On the Go with @Glutenfreeda

Wow! The past few weeks have been non stop. Literally non stop. One day we had our Blue Gold Banquet for cub scouts. Three days later we left to go on a trip with the scouts. We left on a Saturday Morning, returned Sunday evening and left 30 minutes later for bible study. The next day we had school, then a school board meeting, then school the next day, then Pine Wood Derby races that evening for scouts. Well you get the point. I am pretty sure I only saw my house long enough to sleep for about a week.  Between school (which is where I work) and activities I was always on the go. Being Gluten Free, that does not make eating easy. There is no such thing as a “quick meal” for us gluten free folks.

At least that is what I thought. But then I found something that was a life saver. Gluten Freeda brands. The very front of their page says it best:

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On the Go With NoGii #Review @nogiidiet


I am a very busy mom. Constantly on the go, and it can at times lead to Chaos just to get everything straight. In fact- I even have a color coordinated calender to help me get through the days. But what it doesn’t do is remind me to EAT!

Last month in my Taste Guru box there were some amazing  protein bars called NoGii D-Lites. These little bars were wonderful! They were a chocolate caramel and just amazing!  NoGii was created by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Elisabeth was diagnosed with Celiac and in 2009 brought it to light with her book “The G-Free Diet: A Gluten Free Survival Guide”. She has sense been involved in the creation of NoGii, from the logo to product formulations.

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Keeping Organized with @shoplet #review


Well, time for another change in our life! For us being a law enforcement family change is just a give in. Well this time- the change is in the Popo’s patrol area. So he recently did some organizing. Took some stuff to his new “office”. But being a state patrolman he mainly uses his cruiser as an office. That means creative thinking on staying organized. Every now and then we get some office supplies from Shoplet that helps us out on it.

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