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White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard #DCD


I am really excited! So awhile back I announced that I had joined Dove Chocolate Discoveries and even shared a Stir Fry Recipe featuring one of their products. Well today I want to introduce you to one of our new products released just this past month:  White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard!

Ok no crinkling your nose yet, trust me. So This White Chocolate Raspberry Honey Mustard is a mouthful. But oh is it worth it. Even if you don’t like chocolate (yes I have actually had people say that) or maybe it is the raspberry thought making that nose crinkle. The thing I like about this dipping sauce is- It really isn’t an over bearing taste of either one! I am on the not big on Raspberry side of things and seriously the taste is so subtle. My husband on the other hand is 100% abnormal and isn’t big on chocolate- he LOVES this dipping sauce.

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Mini Pizzas with @GlutinoFoods #EnglishMuffins


Every once in awhile I love playing with my food. No it isn’t the kind of playing with my food that you think. I love seeing what I can do with what I have. One night a few weeks ago I really wanted pizza, but not wanting to make pizza dough I opted for a different method. English Muffins!

Now I am sure you all have done this before. But if not- it is a perfect way to make your own pizzas and the kids have fun helping! It is real simple:

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Rich & Creamy Peanut Butter Pie #Recipe


A few weeks ago I was presented with a challenge for a heart shaped dish. Well I could not make up my mind between two pies and I went with a strawberry one. Since then I have been craving my other idea- a Peanut Butter Pie. But not only did it sound good, it was all I could think of and how good it would taste with Chocolate Covered pretzels. Since I had some extra time off this weekend I decided I was going to make it!

This pie is a really easy no bake pie recipe. For the crust I used Glutino’s Fudge Pretzels with a few other ingredients. I recommend making the pie the night before you need it so it has plenty of time to set. Here is what I did:

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Moist Chocolate Cake #Recipe

008 edit 2

You know. There are times were a person just needs chocolate. Like during a stressful week. Chocolate cake is sometimes the best remedy for that. Ok well at least for me.

Then there are times were you need a chocolate cake. Like birthdays or some other special occasion. Well last month was Little Miss’ birthday. Her one request was Chocolate Cake. I could of easily picked up a box mix. However, those are hit and miss. Sometimes they are to dry and crumbly. I wanted her birthday treat to be perfect. Having never made a chocolate cake from scratch even before going gluten free I was not sure how to go about this. I wont lie. I did not create this recipe. This is one you can find on the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa Powder container. But I had to alter it to work with our flours.

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Showing the love with Wilton Armetale #Recipe #Review


This Valentine’s Day I was wanting to do a special recipe for you guys. But I will be honest- the stress of my job had me in a rut! I just could not think of one. Then I was asked to participate in a Valentine’s promotion! I love a cooking challenge! The only challenge though was what ever I made could not be a box mix- and it had to be made in this beautiful dish!

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Easy Apple Crisp #Recipe


In case you missed it, we have moved to a new acreage! We have 5 acres that includes a pond, 2 peach trees, and 3 apple trees! Yes, 3! And the best part is they are fully mature apple trees. We have one Delicious tree, One Jonathan, and one Gala tree. The Delicious apples didn’t look so hot by the time we moved in so we haven’t been using those. But I made sure to pick a box each of the Gala and the Jonathan apples. I don’t know why I picked this many. I honestly don’t have time to do anything with them. I thought about canning some for an apple pie filler and giving them as Christmas gifts.

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DIY Taco Seasoning!

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Have you ever started to make dinner and realize that you don’t have one key ingredient? That happened to me tonight. I started dinner at my usual time. I was craving some tacos because it has been a few months since having them (summer time I cook outside). I opened up my spice cabinet only to find I was missing Taco Seasoning! Ugh! Frantic I went to my computer to find out what all is IN taco seasoning. Luckily I had most ingredients for the recipe I found but had to substitute some. Wow! It was WAY better then what I buy! The best part- because of the spices I buy: I knew 100% for sure there was NO MSG and NO GLUTEN!

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