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Keeping Organized with @shoplet #review


Well, time for another change in our life! For us being a law enforcement family change is just a give in. Well this time- the change is in the Popo’s patrol area. So he recently did some organizing. Took some stuff to his new “office”. But being a state patrolman he mainly uses his cruiser as an office. That means creative thinking on staying organized. Every now and then we get some office supplies from Shoplet that helps us out on it.

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Keeping Track of School Day’s with Bi-silque and @shoplet

Well time has definitely flown by this summer! I don’t know about you, but it seems as my kids are getting older the more our calendar is filling up. Baseball, horse riding lessons, wrestling, track, piano lessons, cub scouts and on and on and on. While we try to limit our kids so they don’t over extend themselves it is still hard to keep up with the schedules of 4 people.

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Getting Creative with @shoplet #shopletreviews

Time for another Shoplet product! As some of you know I am a blogger for Shoplet. Here you can find many of your office supplies, school needs, office stationary, and even some medical supplies. You can find pens, paper, markers, clip boards, files, and well- you get my drift, all for very affordable prices! Plus the more you order, the more you save!

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Marking it right with Sharpie and @shoplet

Being a para educator I grade a ton of papers. But the old fashion Red pen sometimes just doesn’t do it. I like having fun with my students!

Recently Shoplet (sponsor) asked if I would like to try some of Sharpie’s newest colors. I just couldn’t pass this up, something new for correcting math is always a plus.

I love the colors! Lets start at the top:

The Sharpie Premium Pen. This pen has a stainless outside. It writes nice and smooth and is now my favorite pen to use on everything from my checkbook, to my calendar.

Next up are the lovely Neon Permanent Markers. Oh how fun these are to check with! They are bright and fun colors. They are suppose to glow under a black light but I do not own one to test that theory out. But they are still fun to use!

Last two colors you see are the Metallic Permanent Marker. They are in gold and silver. They are equally fun to check with!

My students loved seeing all these colors. They liked trying to figure out what color I was going to bring in next and they now have their favorite colors. This makes it a lot more fun to check Math papers with!

You can find these on for a very reasonable price along with all your other office supply needs.

Have fun shopping!

~I received the above products in order to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions.~

Planning with @shoplet ~#review

Things around here are really starting to get a bit chaotic. I am back at work so there is that schedule, day’s off for the kids, late start for the kids, my husbands ever changing schedule for court cases and over time and training, sports, piano lessons, soon some riding lessons- need I go on? I have determined that it is time for a planner.

I was given a chance to review this business planner from Shoplet (sponsor). It is a weekly planner and I must say is perfect! It breaks up each day into time frames. Then at the end is a nice little budget tracker where you can track how much you spend on fuel, food and more! This has truly been a life saver with our schedule! I also like the budget tracker because now I can see how much I spend so I can budget a bit better.

I also received a 2014 Calendar to use. This actually is perfect for the students who come into the special ed room. They like to cross off the days of the week and keep track of days off and birthday’s so this is perfect for them! The numbers are nice and large so easy to read. There is plenty of room for writing on. It truly does work perfectly for our students. 
Overall I love both of these products. I have yet to receive any office supplies from Shoplet that I have not liked! Not only do they have great supplies but you can find some amazing office stationary for affordable pricing! 
Be sure to head over to Shoplet for your business needs. Also check out their Promotional Products and their Promotional Shirts for some great deals!   
Happy Shopping! 
~I received the above products in order to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions.~

Organize with Deflect-O and @shoplet #shopletreviews

Two Drawer Cube- Photo Courtesy

For the longest time we have been looking for things to help keep my son’s legos organized. So when I was asked to review this organization bins I was excited!

Deflect-O offers many different sizes and shapes for organizing your office and home space. They can be clipped together and stack making the possibilities endless! You can find these and other office supplies at For this review I received

Cube with X Dividers
  • Deflect-o Desk Cube (DEF350301) –  Has 4 drawers that are transparent that keep your rubberbands, papper clips and more. This measures the same as the two drawer cube. 
  • Deflect-o Desk Cube (DEF350401) – This one is just your basic cube (not pictured) it keeps mini notepads, posts its, maybe some small envelopes. 
We have not used these on the legos as intended since my son does not really have a place to put them. So they have been used to keep the desk he took over all nice and tidy. I really love these. When I worked in an office (it was your typical cube farm) I used something similar to these because I can not stand searching for things and I like to have my desk neat and organized for work!
You can learn more about these and many more Deflect-O products by visiting Also be sure to check out their Promotional Products for some great deals!
~I received the above products in order to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the thoughts are my honest opinions. ~

Stay warm and dry with Ash City and Shoplet~ Review

As you know I am a blogger for From time to time I get to try out some of the many products that they have to offer. is an office supply company where you can find office products from pens and paper to the break room and then some. You can find these products all for affordable pricing!

They also have some clothing items. One of the items is the Ladies Core365 Seam Sealed Ripstop Jacket #78185.  Here is some details about the jacket:

  • a fully seamed waterproof shell
  • Storm flap with snap closure at bottom and chin guard
  • center front autolock zipper with reflective toggle
  • Roll away adjustable hood
  • comes in Black, White, Red, Navy, Blue and sizes S-5X
I love this jacket. I have had a few chances to wear it. Once was during a track meet for my kids. The jacket fit me perfectly and kept me nice and warm from the wind that we were contending with. Then just Sunday we were out fishing and at a BBQ when the wind suddenly picked up and it started raining. This did a great job just shredding the water away and again with keeping me warm. I also love the color, I went with Navy because well- I love blue! Another favorite feature is the roll up hood. It tucks under the coller so that it isn’t in the way if you do not need it, but it comes undone easily for when you do.
You can find this product and other great deals at While you are there be sure to check out their Promotional Page for some awesome deals! 
~I received the above product in exchange for an honest review as part of the Shoplet Blogging Team. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

Tops from Shoplet #shopletreviews

Have you ever just stopped for a moment and thought- “wait, what was I doing, where am I, what is my name”. I don’t mean literally but just have been so busy and had such a crazy day where you felt like you didn’t know the who what when where why and how’s…

Lately between the school sports, the field trips, the extra training hubby is going through, the sudden days off from school for this or that I have been at that place EVERY day. I am a big note person for that reason. if I don’t keep notes I would be lost and wouldn’t know where to begin. I have to keep a to do list to stay on top of everything and I have a very colorful wipe off board for that same reason.

So as a Shoplet reviewer, when they asked if we wanted to check out some of the latest note keeping products from Tops I knew this was perfect for me! First- a refresher- what is Shoplet you may be asking yourself. Well Shoplet is a great site where you can find Office Supplies at affordable prices. Here is what I received this time around:

First- TOP56874– This is a cute little Tops Idea Collective Journal. It measures 5.5 X 3.5 inches and has a wide rule spacing. One thing I love about this is at the top of each page has a place for you to put the date. I used to randomly just write poetry way back when- this would of been handy during that time! This is perfect to keep in your pocket or purse for those random thoughts! The thick cover give the appearance of leather backing making it nice and professional looking as well!

The TOP56879 is the Tops Idea Collective Notebooks. This is another sturday notebook perfect for taking notes. It is a thick paperboard cover making it durable. The binding is casebound so they do not fall apart easily as well. This came in handy for planning my trip. I was taking lots of notes trying to get a rough iteneray so that meant lots of random writing. I also use these to help with my to do list, which I would be lost with out.

Last but not least I received the TOP77103– the Tops Cornell Note Taking System Legal Pad. Now here is a blast from my past! Way back when I was a freshman in high school I had a social science teacher that insisted we take notes in a more organized fashion. We had to draw a line down one side, label the top and date it. Well- it was the Cornel System. Yes it did help keep nicer notes but I wont lie- I didn’t use it much after that class- because drawing the lines and what not was just to much of a hassel. Now they have notebooks that already have the lay out all set for you!!! I wish they had these way back when! These notebooks have perforated sheets so they tear out easily.

I love these products. With two kids I need things that are durable and these fit that bill perfectly! If you are a collage student (or any student to be honest) I really recommend the Cornell Note Taking pad. This way of taking notes is so much nicer then the randomness that you can sometimes get!

You can find these products and many more items on Be sure to check out their Promotional Products for more great deals!

~I received the above products as a reviewer for No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions! ~