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Girls Costume Review

What little kid does not like to play dress up? Especially a little girl! So when I was asked to review a girls costume my daughter was excited.

Wholesale Costume Club is a discounted costume website. You can find a costume for just about anything: Boys, Girls, Men, Woman, pets and more!

From their site: “ was founded by Halloween costume industry professionals and is headquartered in Metuchen, NJ. Wholesale Costume Club features thousands of costumes and accessories for people of all ages and pets too. Wholesale Costume Club also has one of the largest selections of accessories available online making one-stop shopping for all your costume needs simple, convenient and extremely affordable”

Affordable is right. My daughter’s, who is 5 yrs old, costume was only listed at $24! For the quality that it is I was amazed at the price. They have a lot to choose from for a costume for a girl She of course went strait to the Disney section to find herself a new princess outfit. Right now we are really big on Rapunzel, so that was the one she insisted on getting! The day we got the package her eyes just lit up. The details in this was amazing!

She wore this outfit everywhere I would let her for about 3 days! It of course went on the first day, right away when she woke up the next 2 days. She even tried to convince me that she should get to wear it to her Uncle’s wedding!

She became a model that day lol. I even had to take her out into the grass with the flowers to take some photos. This is truly a hit. I love the quality of the costumes and the price. I highly recommend checking them out!

~I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.~

K5 Learning Program Review

Over the past 6 weeks I have been working on reviewing a website called K5 Learning. This is an online study program for kids in Kindergarten to 5th Grade. They have enrichment activities that help students with their read and math skills with 4 different programs for your child to work on.
The sign up for this program is really quick and easy and as many kids as you need. The thing I liked is that there was a sign in for the kids (they each had their own) and then my sign in where I could check in on their progress.

The first thing I did was have my son take a placement assessment. It took about an hour for him to complete both the Math and the reading one.. When that is done they provide you with a report that is real easy to read. They use this to determine what type of lessons they start your child off with.

The lessons they assigned for the kids are really easy for them to do on their own. My son would ask every day if he could do his K5 stuff. We did run into one problem that we were not warned about. One of the math programs it is timed and they automatically set the timer for a 4th grade level. With my son being in kindergarten he is still learning the keyboard so it took him awhile to find the right key. He was getting frustrated because it was marking it as wrong when it was really right. After contacting them they informed me that the timing can be adjusted. Once I got it shut off completely it was giving me a more accurate understanding as to where he was at.

My daughter had a little bit of a harder time with it. She was doing the PreK lessons which were easy. But with still learning the computer she needed guidance with the mouse. She did love working on it though. She learned simple sight words, they worked some on counting and of course on sounds. She did want to try the spelling but the first word the asked her to spell was “read”. I thought that was a little to advance for her so I had her focus on the simple math (counting and number placement) and the sight words.

As I mentioned above, one of the things I loved about this program is that I was able to log in and check on their progress. There is a really easy dashboard where you can view both of your kids’ information. From their you go on to a report summary to see where your child is at

The summary shows you each lesson area, how much time is spent on each one, and what grade level they are at. From there you can go under each one for a more detailed report.

This report will break things out a little more for you and can be printed out. They also have a grid (an addition table for the math one that shows you which item they are understanding and which problems they need help with.

I loved using this program and my kids loved doing it as well. It had them interested in learning. We do not allow our kids to spend a lot of time on the computer but this one I was a little more lenient on. My son could go for hours doing the lessons and the games if I would let him. If my daughter was a little order and used to the computer more she would of love to be on it just as much. While exploring this with my kids I found some worksheets from Home school Math that I was able to print off and do with my son.

I highly recommend this program for any parents out there. If your child is having problems with reading and math or even if you want them just to have extra practice at home, this program is perfect for this. While I do not home school my kids, I have read that it is good for those who do to use as extra lessons.

For more information on this program please visit their website where you can view an intro video and get pricing information. They even have a free trial offer where you can test this program out for 14 days. Be sure to let them know that Kandi from Gluten Free for Jen sent you!

*I was not paid for reviewing these items. I did receive a longer trial period in return for honest feedback. These opinions are my own. I will make a small amount for referrals. Bloggers can contact me if you would like a chance to review this site as well*

Mama Rocky’s Marketplace Review

Mama Rocky’s Marketplace is a new place to purchase some of your baked goods as well as some spices, condiments, teas, and other misc items. They connect consumers with vendors who have the goal of bringing you “the highest quality, freshest, and best-tasting products possible”

Their site is easy to navigate through and very easy to understand what you are getting. On their main page you can find info on their featured vendor and some recipes.

Their product page is broken down into 14 categories where you can find lots of goodies, such as cupcakes, chocolates, jams, spices, popcorn and even a section for Gluten Free baked goods!  If you have a question on any of their products they are quick to respond.

The check out process is as easy as 1-2-3. You can pick between UPS and FedEx for the shipping that way you can choose the time frame and the pricing that works for you! Once you submit your order you will receive a confirmation # as well as a confirmation email. I look forward to using this site more often and maybe trying some of their spices and other goodies 🙂

Please be sure to stop by and check out their site. As a gift for visiting them and trying them out you may use the coupon code readersdiscount for 10% off your order!