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Sleep? What is that?

Insomnia: The inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep. Hmmm… I wonder if that is what I have. Lately I have not been sleeping at all. Some of that could be because my hubby works nights and he is in Law Enforcement so I worry. I do notice that I sleep better when he is home. But some of it is my back. A long time ago we were in a really bad car accident. It totaled our F150 and since then my back has not been the same. I do fine for a little bit then go to the chiropractor a few times. But I find that it doesn’t help. I think it is my bed.

Our bed is about 8 years old. It was one of those nice pillow top beds. But, it seems to of lost its umpf. It is no longer comfortable and I toss and turn trying to find comfort for my back pains. Especially on days like recently when I pulled a muscle and I sit with a heating pad on it half the day. But that isn’t the worse of my problems.

Did you know that chronic sleep loss can leads to problems like weight gain, high blood pressure, and a decrease in your immune system? Wait- back up— blood pressure? Maybe that is my issue! Over the past few years (when my lack of sleep started kicking in) I have been diagnosed with High Blood pressure. I have lost weight and started eating healthier and my blood pressure has improved some. But I would love to go with out any medication. I am only 32. To me- I should not be on blood pressure medicine!

It is known that while you sleep you allow your body to heal. To refresh itself so to speak. So getting enough sleep can help in more then just health. It can help your mood (come on- you know you are cranky when you don’t get enough sleep!), and it can help you think clearly and be alert. In fact- there was a study done back in 2010 that showed one in six deadly crashes were the results of sleep deprivation! When you are tired you are not so “quick” to react or could fall asleep at the wheel.

So what brought me to research this? Well- for one the pain. I would love a bed that would properly support my body while I sleep so that maybe I could wake up with out having to twist every which way to get all the kinks out. Also the fact of I have noticed that I am ALWAYS tired. I can easily nap in the afternoon, or I find that I doze of while cuddling with my kids when watching a movie as early as 8pm. I just can’t be doing that. My kids deserve better. They deserve a happy, healthy and awake mom! So now I am on a mission. I need to find a bed that actual works. I have heard a lot about the Sleep Number and Tempurpedic but I don’t know where to begin or what we can afford. I just know something needs done. Until I can figure out the bed issue I am going to be trying some different things to help me sleep better. My goal is to quit drinking soda after a certain time (to quit all together would be amazing). I am also going to shut down the computer at an earlier time of night and maybe drink a relaxing cup of chai tea. Maybe if I can get myself relaxed I can sleep a bit easier.

I would love to hear from you though- Do you have a Sleep Number Bed or a Tempurpedic and how do you like it? What do you do to help you get the right amount of hours of sleep?